scary halloween costumes girls

Scary Halloween Costumes Girls-Special Holiday Featured Article

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Scary Halloween Costumes Girls is not my normal article you will find while visiting Free Family Solutions, so you will be provided specials every month including products. This will be my first website ever for these types of blog posts, so this is an experiment which I may change as time goes by. Product reviews are used by parents to help them choose the best merchandise for their money, and that will be what I will be focusing in my featured content for you.

Celtic Custom And Beliefs

The basic Celtic custom and belief was on October 31st the demons, spirits, and witches become abundant on this particular day.  Why Guides article also shares it was thought that fairies also were the most abundant at this time as well. You might find this very interesting there were rituals held to communicate with the dead, so if this interests you I suggest you visit their website and read their entire article .


scary halloween costumes girls
Scary Halloween Costumes Girls


 Celtic Festival of Samhain

So again we are taken back to the Celtic festival of Samhain once again, so these are two reliable resources which are basically telling us the very same thing.  The History website does narrow it down better for us than Why Guide, they suggest this started about 2000 years ago mainly in Ireland, United Kingdom, and Northern France

Where To Shop

When I started writing my first article for Free Family Solutions I really was not sure how I should begin, but with the holidays coming quickly upon us this seemed like a good place to begin. I must admit to my surprise this has become one of my most interesting blog posts to write in all my years in this business. I thought next I would provide you some websites for Halloween costumes to save you time, so I have listed these websites for those of you searching online.

I have tried to provide websites for every families budget  and I am sure you can find the perfect store for your budget.  Next I thought we would talk about this even more, so read on to learn more in the next paragraph.


scary halloween costumes girls
Scary Halloween Costumes Girls


 Dressing Up History

Have you ever wondered how going out on trick or treat night dressed up ever got started, Since starting this series of articles I am starting to think of many things I never knew or thought about before.

With the concept of the demons, spirits, ghosts, and witches roaming the world on October 31st there is a reason for people starting this tradition, so during the past when this was thought to be true people were scared to venture outdoors after dark on this particular night.  Someone got the idea to start disguising themselves when in need to go out on this night, so it started out they used animal hides to give the impression they were an animal instead of a human.

About Masks

Later people got the bright idea to wear masks for even more protection, and the belief was if they were seen by one of these evil spirits they would be seen as one of them. Something else that is interesting is it is believed Native American’s also contributed to the this ritual.

What Is In Demand For 2020

As you can see from my article this has dramatically changed from the beginning to today, I find it interesting how many of the choices are so different today. In fact many of you will see  children’s favorite cartoon characters and super heroes are favored by many kids, so below is the list predicted to be big in 2020

  • Batman
  • Spiderman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Star Wars
  • Disney
  • Looney Tunes
  • Harry Potter
  • Dinosaurs

This is a general list of what is expected to be in demand this year, and children seem to be more into super heroes and their favorite programs.

Best Sellers 2020

  • Power Rangers
  • Mommy Shark
  • Witches
  • Victorian Female Vampire
  • Fairy Princess
  • Butterfly
  • Angels
  • The Snow Queen
  • Animals
  • Reindeer

These are expected to be hot this year, but if you notice many of these are not very going to frighten many people. So I am wondering are children more into other themes today than in the past, I now am going to check in the next paragraph what is available this year that will frighten the pants off of people.


scary halloween costumes girls
Scary Halloween Costumes Girls


The List You Have All Been Waiting For

Are you as anxious as I am to find out what the kids are going to be dressing up as this year, and below you will find that zombies seems to be still big again this year.

  •  Zombie
  • Werewolf
  • Zombie Cheerleader
  • Miss Reaper
  • Female Devil
  • Zombie Prom Queen
  • Witch
  • LED Masks with black Robe
  • Red Vampire Girl

Now this list is more of what we all was expecting,  and I am not surprised at all that zombies are the most popular, are you? I found this list on Amazon which I presume many of you will be doing your shopping


I really am not surprised very much that zombies is still very much in demand, you will hear children playing in the neighborhood that they are zombies still today. What does surprise me is vampires and werewolves are on the list, you really don’t see many movies about these any more. Funny how times change so dramatically from the time parents were kids, so it is a ever changing world and can be overwhelming for parents to keep up with what is hot and what is not when it comes to their children.

How To Choose The Best Pumpkin

For any of you who are not experienced with the art of choosing the best pumpkin for a Jack O Lantern, I have shared a few of the tips I can remember as a boy.

  • The first step I suggest is you be sure the one you choose is firm and not mushy.
  • Never consider one with brown spots, you want one with a very orange color instead.
  • Always check the stem to be hard, green, and try picking it up with the stem is a good way to test if it is durable.
  • Round shaped are your preferred shape to choose, and you will find this will allow you to do a much better carving job.
  • I prefer those big, round ones over the smaller ones.
  • Odd shaped gives your Jack O Lantern a personality
  • You will find by tapping and hearing a hollow sound most of the time is easier to carve.
  • For toddlers allowing them to paint or use market is safer and easier for them

If you follow this general guide you will have a positive experience carving your Jack O Lantern, and you can opt for electric bulbs or flashlights if you prefer instead of candles as we did in my day.

Pumpkin Carving

Even though this has nothing to do with dressing up for this holiday, I have noticed this tradition is not nearly as seen where I live as when I was a kid. When I was a boy, pumpkin carving was something we all looked forward to, so in my childhood this was similar I suppose to coloring Easter eggs today. Now you can go online and actually order kits with templates and patterns, but in my day we just used a knife and our imagination. We also would put a candle to light up our home-made Jack O Lantern, but today I notice many people just put in an electric light bulb instead. I have listed some articles for anyone interested in learning more about this tradition.

  • The Easiest Way To Clean Out A Pumpkin
  • Llama Jack O Lantern
  • Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • Pug Stencil
  • Jack O Lantern Photography Tips

I don’t know how many of you are interested in these articles, but for anyone interested you can read any of these on the Better Homes & Garden website.


scary halloween costumes girls
Scary Halloween Costumes Girls


Jack O Lanterns

The tradition of carving Jack O Lanterns originated in Ireland, and the name comes from an Irish folklore Stingy Jack. So how did this tradition ever become so big in America, and the answer is Irish immigrants brought this tradition with them. Over time it become so popular everyone used to sit them on their porches, but this tradition is not nearly as popular where I love now as when I was a boy. Does the legend of Stingy Jack interest you, and if so you can read the legend on the History channel website.

Scary Halloween Costumes Girls

I really enjoyed writing this article for you, and I hope this has been interesting and helpful for you. My prior business was providing business training for free to my readers, so this is a dramatic change from what I am used to doing. I am starting to slowly adjust to this change, and I thank you for reading Free Family Solutions. 





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