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Scary Halloween Costumes Boys-Online Stores Product Review

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Scary Halloween costumes boys is for parents interested in what their child might want to dress up this year, we as parents want to provide as much as we can for our children, and that is the main reason I created this website. You must be careful which sites you trust and purchase from, but I promise you helping families is what is the most important to me. Anything I earn from your purchases goes right back into Free Family Solutions, and with time you will realize helping your family is what motivates me and not your money.

Best Sellers 2020

I checked on Amazon to provide you their best sellers for 2020, and below is the top picks they predict to be the majority of the boys choices to dress up this year.

  • Zombies
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Creatures & Phantoms
  • Grim Reaper

These are just the top five , and others worth mentioning are the headless horseman and demons. Phantoms also are high on the list, so I am going to share with you today the number one best seller predicted for this year. So these are very good places for us to start in the article Scary Halloween Costumes Boys.

The History Channel Website

The origins of these flesh eating corpses was first known by the ancient Greeks, and are thought to be the first people with the fear of the return of the dead. Voodoo is a religion which was first known in West Africa, and people who are really into this believes the dead can be revived by a medicine man. Believe it or not, you can find in medical journals there have been believed to be rare cases of this happening. If you find this fascinating, you can read this article on the  History Channel website.

Number One Prediction This Year

If you go on their  best seller list this will be the first product you are going to see, so they must feel confident that this will be their best seller. Kids are very much into these creatures still today, and this really amazes me since the first time I experienced these were when I watched a movie by the name of The Night of the Living Dead. I must admit this 1968 movie gave me and many of my friends nightmares for a very long time, but what amazes me the most is you can still watch this movie today.


scary halloween costumes boys

Spooktacular Creations

You will receive six pieces, and the toy bloody axe is a part of the six piece set.  Your child will be the talk of trick or treat night wearing this zombie costume, and even the bloody covered gloves are realistic enough to give everyone the chills. Below are some of the details that might be as impressing to you as they are to me, I must admit there was nothing like this around when I was a kid.

  • Realistic Bone Attachments
  • Budget Friendly
  • Super Durable
  • 100% Polyester
  • 4 1/2 Star Rating
  • Child Safe
  • Non-Toxic

A wide variety of sizes available from small clear up to extra large, and recommended for children from the age of 5 years old up to the age of 14 years old. As a parent you will be happy to know this will last for many years, so if you have more than one child you will be able to hand this down without any problems.

Spooktacular Creations Zombie Deluxe Costume for Child with Bloody Axe


 Signs Of A Werewolf

The number two on our list are werewolves, I am a bit surprised since I didn’t think these creatures were very popular with our children. So what are the signs of a werewolf might be interesting for you to know, and here is what to look out for.

  • Prefer being nude
  • Extremely hairy all over their body from head to toe
  • Behaves very similar to a wild dog or wolf
  • Extreme high testosterone
  • Raw meat cravings
  • Superhuman powers

The werewolves are an European folklore, and thought to possibly originate from Greece, or possibly Italy. The first person ever to be thought to be one of these creatures was the king of Acadia. So are you prepared to allow your child to become one of these for trick or treat, and if so you can get a price comparison on Discount

scary halloween costumes boys
It’s As Much Fun To Scare As To Be Scared By Vincent Price

How About A Vampire

The next on our list is allowing your child to be a blood sucking vampire, and these were first known in the early 19th century. Even though they are well known by just about everyone no matter their age, I again am surprised the kids today are really into them. According to the best sellers list on Amazon they are the third most popular choice of children. Bela Lugosi was everyone’s favorite Dracula in the 1930’s, and there have been many more since him. I have shared with you a list of the best stores below recommended by, so this might be some good places to start shopping.

  • California Costumes
  • Count Pimpula
  • Fever Men’s Gothic Vamp
  • Rubies
  • Leg Avenue
  • Dreamgirl
  • InCharacter

Even though these are highly recommended, I have never never heard of any of these sites. I do the majority of my shopping on sites such as Walmart, and similar types of websites.

Creatures & Phantoms

These two comes in all shapes and sizes, you will not find a lot of common features between them other than they both usually appear as black blobs to the human eye. Basically both of these don’t fit into any other category of evil spirits, so they got the name as creatures and phantoms to give them a category of their own. One good example is the Phantom of the Opera, so would your son be interested being one of these creatures?

Grim Reaper

I am sure everyone knows who the Grim Reaper is, you even see this character on many of the children’s cartoons. This one is definitely connected with death more than any of the others, and as most of you might know he comes to take people’s souls. You can’t miss the Grim Reaper for he always is carrying a scythe, and in the old days this was a tool used to harvest the crops by the farmers.

Best Shopping Websites For Families

This list of shopping websites recommended for families was provided by Life Wire, and these are especially for people who are looking to shop online.

I have shopped regularly on Amazon, eBay, and Overstock, but as for the other websites I have been on them from time to time but they are not places I shop regularly. I do use Google Shopping for researching products for my articles, but Zappos and Wish are Complete strangers to me. As for Etsy, I have only been on that website a few times, but if you are in search of unique gifts that is probably the best out of all the ones on this list.

scary halloween costumes boys
For A Witch You Certainly Don’t Know Much About How Hauntings Work.

Spirit Halloween

If you are like me, you might have never heard of many of the websites in this article, but that can be a positive thing. You might just find some of these new shopping sites could become one of your favorite places to shop in the future, and I have one more for you to check out if you are interested by the name of Spirit Halloween.

I really looked, but to my surprise I could not find any about page on their website. The link above to their website will take you to their boys costume page, and I did this for the convenience for you to check out their site. I decided to list a few of what you will find, so here are a few of the products on their first page.

  • Medieval Doctor
  • Psycho Clown
  • Evil Knight
  • Demon
  • Monster Hunter

If your child is wanting to dress up as something different than what you can find in your regular online stores, you might find the perfect costume on Spirit Halloween.

Scary Halloween Costumes Boys

Besides providing you solutions to solving what your child can dress up this year, I did my best to provide you some interesting information and new websites to check out. Feel free to leave me any comments at the end of this article, and by you sharing with me what is on your mind it helps me write you even better blog posts. I also have a Free Group on Facebook if you are interested in joining, and on the group you will find assistance programs that help families.

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As you can see this is only my third article on Free Family Solutions, but providing assistance to families like yours is very important to me.






























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