haunted house decorations ideas

Haunted House Decorations Ideas-Fun Family Activities Teens

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Haunted House Decorations Ideas is a great way to get your teenagers and all your children into the spirit of Halloween, you can start the beginning of October and have this be an entire month project for the entire family. The reason I suggest this is to get your teenagers involved, I know once they are not into going trick or treating any longer, you have to come up with new ways to get them into the holiday mood.

How To Make Your Home Haunted

The first thing I want to point out you can do this without spending a lot of money, but if you can afford to go all out that will make it even more of an impact for sure. Since this is not your normal family time activity, I am going to provide you some ideas to get you started.

  • September is the best time to get together to make your haunted house plans with the entire family, and allowing your teens to be a big part of the planning is a great strategy to get them more interested.
  • Creating a haunted walkway through your home will really get things going, and be sure to get the entire family involved.
  • What is your main purpose, so will you be attempting to scare the daylights out of people or just provide a good time for your guests on Halloween night?
  • Sitting down together coming up with a specific theme will put everyone on the same page, and this will make it easier for everyone to understand what to focus on.
  • You will want to have some ghosts and witches to give your guest tour guides, so who is going to be the ghosts and witches to lure your victims through your home is something to consider.
  • Be sure to keep the place dark as possible, and replacing your regular light bulbs with green ones often provides the perfect atmosphere. Providing flashlights for your victims is another idea you can considser, so are you starting to get excited about this family time project?
  • Budget-friendly fog machines provides a scary effect, and this also makes it more difficut for your guests to see clearly until they are up close to your scariest parts of the house.
  • What about some scary sound effects, you can add scary soundtracks for each room. I am sure your teenagers are experts at being able to provide this, I know my nephews and nieces are very knowledgable when it comes to technolgy gadgets.
  • If your home is large enough possibly a maze would be possible, you know how anyone feels when they get the feeling they are lost or trapped.
  • Everyone in the family should be involved as a character, so allow every family member to choose what they are going to dress up as. To make it even more exciting don’t let each other know until the time arrives, so this will make Halloween night even more special and memorable.

Children will remember the best times you spend together for the rest of their lives, and the more a family creates fun activities the closer their bond even once they are grown up.

haunted house decorations ideas
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Halloween Decorations Clearance Sale

Many stores will be having good deals on many of the products you can use for your home to decorate it to be scary, and right now is a great time to take advantage and start shopping for the best deals you can use to create your haunted house in October.

  • Front Door & Porch decor are great for the entrance to set the mood for your victims, oh I really mean your guests.
  • How about some creepy cloth to cover your furniture or hang from your ceiling?
  • Bat window clings
  • Fireplace mantle spiderweb cloth
  • Lifesize animated scary witch
  • 3D bat wall decals
  • Bloody handprint window clings
  • Spider web table cloth runner
  • Hanging cocoon corpse
  • Zombie with sound and flashing red eyes for your front yard or porch
  • LED spider string lights
  • Graveyard tombstones
  • Inflatable ghost pushing pumpkin cart
  • Groundbreaker zombie activated to scare the daylights out of everyone
  • Flashing eyes stringlights
  • Head in jar

These are the products on the first page of the clearance section, and there were more pages for me to browse for even more budget-friendly Halloween decorations. For anyone interested you can check these out for yourself, and I have included this link for your convenience to take you directly to the clearance page.

DIY Haunted House Projects

Even families on a low-income can still join in on the fun, you can use some of these DIY ideas to spruce your home up for Halloween as well.

  • Creepy ghosts
  • Grim reaper
  • Scary hanging mobile
  • Angry home front door / porch
  • Hanging skeletons from your roof
  • Body bags
  • Werewolf head
  • Floating candles
  • Jack o Lantern archway
  • Giant spider web
  • Spider web doormat
  • Lawn zombies
  • Skulls & Chains

Now you have to admit some of these  sound tempting to check out, and again for your convenience I have included a link to these DIY Haunted House Projects for you.

haunted house decoration ideas
DIY Haunted House Decorations Ideas Can Be Even Better Than Store Products

Halloween Quizzes

Let us take a break from this article to do something fun, and if you enjoy taking quizzes you will love this paragraph. I really do like doing this myself from time to time for a break, so I thought maybe some of you might enjoy this as well.

  • Which horror movie matches your personality
  • Take this quiz and they will guess your age
  • What haunted experience awaits you on Halloween night
  • Significant other quiz
  • Dog costumes
  • Horror experts
  • Best costume for your dog
  • Your pumpkin personality
  • Design a haunted house
  • Personality Test
  • Plan a perfect date
  • Best Disney costume for you

Does any of these interest you enough to want to visit the website to take the quizzes, and if so you can visit the site with the link Take Quizzes Now.

Back To Our Holiday Decorating

When I was a little boy my famiy rarely did anything fun together, we might have if we were lucky go on a two-week vacation if my mother could coax my father in taking off some time from work. Even when that happened it was not much fun, you see most of the time my parents got into arguments and our trip was cut short anyway. That is one of the reasons encouraging my readers to make family time a regular routine is important to me, so now is a great time to start spending more time as a family. Next we are going to look at some more haunted house decorations ideas in the next paragraph, so keep reading to see what I have for you.

  • Harry Potter floating candles
  • Haunted spider tunnel
  • Halloween mystery boxes
  • Build a coffin
  • Bloody step walkway
  • Noodle area
  • Glove sticks pond
  • Ghoul mason jar
  • Spook message
  • Scary font entryway
  • Front door decor
  • Hostages
  • Create a jail house
  • Obstacle trigger switch
  • Plastic bottles body bags
  • Ghost illusions
  • Twister spooky game
  • Packing tape ghosts
  • Masking tape hand

Now you have even more options to add to your spooky home, so you see even if money is a problem you can still join in the fun with plenty of inexpensive home-made decorations. Here is the link to learn more about how to make these Halloween decorations.

Where Are The Scariest Haunted Houses

Did you ever wonder where the best haunted houses might be located, and as I was writing this article this came to my mind. So I did some searching around, and here is what I found.

  • Bates Motel is in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. This was a surprise to me being I live in this state, and besides the haunted motel you can also go on a hayride that is supposed to scare the daylights out of you as well.
  • Bennett’s Curse Baltimore Maryland, so the article claims you will be screaming your brains out if you go into this one.
  • The Dent School House you will find in Cinncinatti, Ohio, so here is another one not far from where I call home. The rumor is Charlie the janitor who murdered school students still roams the grounds, and this is supposed to be the best in Ohio.
  • Erebus is located in Pontiac, Michigan, and this one holds the world record for the most visitors to walk through any haunted attraction.
  • Frightland is found in Middletown in the state of Delaware, you will find hungry zombies for one if you have the courage to check this one out.

These are the top homes to visit if you are into being scared half to death, and you can read about all of them in my detail by visiting the website The Daily Meal. 

haunted house decorations ideas
Haunted House Decorations Ideas A Great Family Activity For Halloween

Signs A House Is Haunted

I happen to live in a very old home in a small country town in Pennsyvania, and as you may have heard old houses have a personality of their very own. They will make strange unexplained noises from time to time, so now how does a person know if the house they are living in is haunted?

  • Uncomfortable feelings is common for people who have experienced living in one of these homes, so do you have unexplained feelings you just can’t understand?
  • Strange noises is the nexxt sign you should be aware of, I know the place I am living does this and even my dog goes crazy barking at I have no idea what. Even scarier every year during the fall season I start getting bats inside of my house, and I really am not fond of bats and this really gives me bad feelings.
  • Ever swear you are hearing voices and maybe going crazy, so are you going crazy or do you have spooks in your home?
  • Odd scents you can’t describe is another thing I learned to watch out for, so this is something else to add to our list to beware of.
  • Cold drafty areas in your home might just be from an unvited guest from the dead, and if you have new windows installed and the problem still exists you really must think twice about this.
  • Objects moving is a sure sign you have a spook living with you, how else could things move around if you have not moved them yourself.
  • Feeling you have been touched could be from a sprit of some kind, but is this really true or are we just going out of our mind.

Now you know what to look out for, and for a very long time strange things like these have been happening to people that can’t be explained.

Haunted House Decorations Ideas

There is no doubt this is a very interesting topic to write about, and I added some fun quizzes for anyone interesting in taking them. I also thought it was interesting what to look for in a haunted home, so I shared what you should look out for if you think you might be living with ghosts or spirits. October is the time of the year when the most of these experiences occurs, so is it a coincidence that Halloween and these events happen together? People swear they have experienced many of the things in this article, so are all of these people nuts or could there really be ghots and spirits trapped in our world?










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