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Stay At Home Halloween Ideas-COVID Canceling Trick or Treat

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Many parents are concerned about their children’s safety going trick or treating more this year than ever, so I decided to provide families this stay at home Halloween ideas article. I know I would be worried about my own children, so many of you might be asking yourself how can you celebrate without going out this year?

Trick or Treating Risks 2020

Of course, parents don’t want to disappoint their children going out at the end of October all dressed up as they have done for many years. So what exactly are the risks of allowing your children to go trick or treating this year, and it just happens I found this article from MSN and Good Housekeeping with tips for parents from the experts?

  • Avoid allowing your child to go with a large group of other children as they might do most other years, and forget about haunted houses are highly recommended. Both of these will cause a close distance between the children and experts suggest parents think about this carefully. Staying 6 feet apart is still recommended, but this may be more difficult with the excitement to get to the next house for their treats.
  • The face-to-face contact with the children and the people giving out treats is a high-risk situation according to the experts, and how many of your neighbors might not even be comfortable participating in this considering the situation?
  • With the touching of so many things on this special night is another risky situation, and parents might be concerned their children will be exposed and even bring the COVID-19 home with them. If you go out with your little ghosts and witches you should carry hand sanitizer and use it, between each of your hauntings.

 Dr. Kesh explains, adding that some families may choose to trick-or-treat alone simply because they have at-risk family members at home.


  • As difficult as this is going to be you must set some rules your children must obey for their own safety, you want to be sure they don’t go digging around in their treat bag before they arrive back home. So it would be best for parents to accompany them to keep them safe, I can just imagine how tempting this would be for a little boy or girl to resist before returning home.
  • hand sanitizer alone is not enough, you must be sure your kids don’t touch their faces. Face touching especially around their nose and mouth is putting them at risk, so this is extremely important to be sure your little boy or girl understands.

 Molly Hyde, MHS, CIC, an infection control practitioner in Maryland-based GBMC Healthcare. “If you are going to hand out candy in person, make sure you are wearing a face-covering over your nose and mouth when giving out candy.”


If you are going to take your little ghosts and witches trick or treating these are important tips to remember, and even though this is very important for a child it is not worth getting sick and possibly even ending up in the hospital. This is a very important and difficult decision for every parent to make, so what I suggest is to follow your heart.

stay at home halloween ideas
Being A Parent Is More Difficult Now Than Ever Before

For more quotes like this one visit the website “Parade”, and I hope this one has you smiling as you read it.

Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

I thought I would give you some non-candy treat ideas, so for anyone interested I have listed some below for you.

  • Bubbles are a great alternative to candy, and how many kids do you know would not be thrilled with a bottle or two of bubbles?
  • Another good choice would be play-doh, so maybe this is something you would consider giving to the little goblins in your neighborhood?
  • What child would not love to get freeze pops, and you might even become one of the favorite houses on their hauntings for years to come.
  • Another one that comes to mind is microwave popcorn, and this is a rather healthier option than candy.
  • I was just at the store this morning, and mini cheese balls caught my eye, and I thought these would make a great treat for the kiddies in my neighborhood.
  • How about chocolate oreo Halloween cookies, I also saw these this morning while doing some early morning grocery shopping.

If any of these interest you, I was doing my grocery shopping this morning at Walmart when these caught my eye. So next time you are there take a look around, and I am sure you will find even more alternatives to candy for the kiddies in your own neighborhood.

COVID-19 Update September 14 2020

I just thought I would share the COVID-19 update in this article for anyone interested, and this might help parents decide if allowing their children to go trick or treating is something they are going to do. If you do decide to give in to your kids going, I urge you to read over again the safety tips I provided earlier in this article. You must make this decision on your own, and to be completely honest with you I am not sure what I would do if my sons were not grown up and were little boys once again? The best I am able to do is provide you as much information in this article, and you will have to make the final decision about what is best for your own children. I really feel for you as parents and grandparents, but follow your heart and I will be praying for all of you and your children.

Prayer for Children’s Safety

Lord, Please keep them safe today. I ask that you would protect them from any harm or evil intent that would lurk close by, or attack them while they’re unaware. I ask for you to cover them in your care and hide them in the safety of your powerful presence. I pray for you to protect their coming and going, and to remind them that you’re always with them. Give them alertness, spiritual discernment, and wisdom to avoid temptation and to make the best choices.I thank you God, that you walk ahead of them, beside them, and behind them too. So I can trust you to always lead the way, be constantly at their side, and to have their back too, all at the same time. Amen.

If you are interested in more prayers for your children you can visit the website Crosswalk for powerful prayers for protection and hope for your child and your family. I am a Christian and I do apologize if I have offended anyone by posting this prayer, but I believe in the power of prayer from my own experience in my own life.

Thank You Thrifty Little Mom

I want to thank  Thrifty Little  Mom for the stay at home Halloween ideas she provided in her article, and I wanted to be sure I gave her the credit for these suggestions I am going to be sharing with you.

  • Halloween themed food is her first suggestion in her article, and pizza is one of her familes favorite meals. Thrifty Little Mom’s exact words are that pizza is one of the most kid friendly recipes on the planet. She also recommends the recipe Mummy Mini Pizza’s from Rhodes bread website, so this is a good place for you to start. I am sure your kids would love these mummy themed mini pizza’s, so feel free to get the recipe in the link above if this interests you.
  • Another tip she shares is kid-friendly Halloween party food, and for this she recommends the recipe Mummy Dogs. Come to think about it what is better choices than pizza and hot dogs to feed children?
  • As for activities, how does a Jack o Lantern contest sound to you? I must admit I would have never thought of this myself, so I do give her credit for her creative ideas.
  • Next on her agenda is movie night, and below I have shared her choices of movies she recomennds

It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Harry Potter Movies


She has more on her movie list you can check out by visting her website with the link above, so let’s see what else she has on her agenda.

  • Beverage Recipes

Kims Monster Mocktail

Harry Potter Butterbeer

Blood Red Mocktail

Warm Apple Cider


For these recipes and more you can visit her article Halloween Drinks For Kids, and she shares these are very easy to prepare and kids love them. So these are the stay at home Halloween ideas from her website, and it sounds as if she has experience at entertaining her children at home.

Trick or Treat Alternatives

Since this article is about ways to have fun without going trick or treating, I thought you might like some ideas on some alternatives. I got these from the website Pick Any Two, and this was my first time on this website but they have some interesting activities to share with you.

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Mini Pumpkin Hunt
  • Crafty Night
  • Bob for Doughnuts
  • Halloween Pinata
  • Hallow Themed Movie Night

I must admit these do sound interesting to me, and my favorite activities are the Bob for Doughnuts and Halloween Pinata. Now if any of these interest you feel free to use the link below, and it will take you to Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treat.

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I have included in this article my other blog posts I have written focusing on this holiday, so below I have listed them for you and feel free to check them out if any of them interest you.

You will notice I don’t have many article written at this time, and the reason for this is I only published Free Family Solutions in September 2020.

Stay At Home Halloween Ideas

I must admit even I have got some awesome ideas from writing this article, and being a single guy living alone I wll be staying home for Halloween again this year. So I am thinking I am going to try some of the recipes, and I do hope you and your family try some of them as well. Even though Free Family Solutions is a new website, I have been in the business for a very long time, so if anyone is interested in starting their own website, I would be more than happy to give you a hand getting started, and there would be no cost to you.
















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