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Halloween Nail Art Supplies-Nail Art Idea Tips

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This article is more about providing you ideas than actually Halloween nail art supplies, but what good would it be for me to provide you the inspiration without where to shop for what you need? So I am going to provide you both to completely solve your problem, and the first thing we need to know is what is this beauty technique?

What Is Nail Art

This beauty technique is actually artwork you can add to your fingernails and even your toenails, and this is most often done after the person has a manicure and a pedicure done.  For any of you guys who might be reading this article, I want to share that these are beauty techniques that trim, shape, and polish your nails. So now even you fellows should understand this more clearly now, and next let us learn about the different types of this unique artwork.

Types Of Nail Art

The different types can change overnight with the trends, but also our holidays such as Halloween is a major factor as well. What are the most popular accessories might be crossing your mind, and below I have listed some of these for you.

  • Nail Polish
  • Drawings
  • Decals
  • Stickers
  • Jewels
  • Charms
  • 3D Artwork

Now we are getting a much better picture of what we will need in the way of Halloween nail art supplies, and next, I would like to share with you some ideas provided in an article by Good Housekeeping. 

Good Housekeeping Ideas

Now that I think about it, I can see how adding artwork to go with your costume would be a very effective addition to your outfit. Leave it to women to come up with this awesome idea, so if you are going to be a witch for example you might go with black fingernails. Since I am not very creative when it comes to this, I am going to leave it up to Good Housekeeping to provide you some inspiration.

  • Friendly Ghosts
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Candy Corn
  • Sparkling Skeletons
  • Spider Cobwebs
  • Blood Web
  • Glittery Graveyard
  • Creepy Crawler
  • Jack o Lanterns

These are the designs that caught my eye the most out of the 40 designs available in this one article, and you can use the link above that will take you to all of these ideas.

halloween nail art supplies
Hope All The Candies Don’t Go To WAIST

 Inspirational Quote Websites

If you have been reading my articles you will notice I include at least one inspirational quote, and the reason for this is these really can get us in the right mood. Instead of just reading them, you really need to take the time to really think about what they are saying to you. Right now I am inserting one’s that are related to Halloween to get you into the holiday mood, and being a single guy, I know how difficult it can be for people who live alone to be in a positive mood this time of the year. So I do hope these are something that is helping you to leave my website in a better mood, and signing up for daily quotes in your email is convenient and easy for you to do.

Here are a few websites you can visit when you have the extra time, and there are more online you can search for as you have the time. I have found this to be just one effective method to stay positive and in a good mood, and maybe in an article in the future, I will share more of the methods that have changed my life over the years.

Who Is Nail Art For

For anyone reading this article and think this is for women only have a surprise coming, I am going to share some famous men from the article by Vogue with you next.

  • David Bowie
  • Keith Richards
  • Johnny Depp
  • Seal
  • Brad Pitt
  • Paul Klein

For the entire list you can use the link above, I just wanted to share a few with you to show you this form of art is not just for women.

Beginner Nail Art Kits

For someone new to this form of body artwork, I have read that your best way to get started is to purchase one of the best kits. So what should you look for might be something you are thinking, and I also was curious about this so I did the research for you.

  • Stickers
  • Dotting Tools
  • Rhinestones
  • Striping Tape
  • Glitter
  • Polishes
  • Stamping Kit
  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat
  • Orangewood Stick
  • Toothpicks
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors

I must say girls night sleep overs doing their nails could be a major project, and it is much more complex than when I was in school and the girls basically just painted one another’s nails. So we have solved your problem what you need to look for in a kit to get started, and I am going to go even farther by sharing the best kits you can buy. Before I share this information with you, I want to give the credit for the information above to STYLECRAZE and for more information you can visit their article on your own.

Recommended Best Kits To Buy

The article with the 5 Best Nail Art Kits to buy was updated September 2020, so you are receiving the most recent information on what are your best choices right now. Let us now just see what are the recommeneded products from this article. so by purchasing one of these kits you will receive everything you need when it comes to Halloween nail art supplies, and I am sure this is a way better deal than purchasing everything separately.

  • Aifaifa Best of the Best
  • Addfavor the Best for your Money
  • Proteove
  • Bememo
  • Bieawg

I have never heard of any of these brands, but I will admit the beauty industry is not my cup of tea. I chose this article for one, people are interested in this form of body art, and another to solve any problems for anyone interested in getting started. Many parents might not be into this, just like me. So this is a good guide for parents to help their children to get started, and I am sure most of your children are getting into this since it seems to be very popular.

halloween nail art supplies
You Can Find The Best of the Best at Amazon

The kit above is the Aifaifa Best of the Best according to the article I got this information from for you, and you can purchase this kit at Amazon if this is one of your favorite places to shop.

Easy Step-By-Step Designs For Children

If you happen to have chldren who are interested in getting started in this here is a step-by-step article especially with designs for kids. I am sure this might interest some of you parents or grandparents, and I am more than happy to be able to provide this information for you.

  • Lady Bird
  • Converse Shoe
  • Angry Bird
  • Hello Kitty
  • Floral
  • Leopard Print
  • Rainbow
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Penguin
  • Love
  • Powderpuff Girls
  • Faux Tuxedo
  • Stripes
  • Polka Dot
  • Pusheen

Since it would make this article extremely too long to share all the step-by-step instructions for each of these kids designs, I am going to share with you the link and you can take it from there.

Nail Product Health Risks

With all the health problems in our society today, I feel it is important to consider the risks using these types of products. I am concerned since children begin using these at a very early age, and over time what effect could this have on our children’s health? The fingernail do’s and don’ts comes from the Mayo Clinic, you can use the link in this paragraph if you wish to read the entire article.

What To Look Out For

  • Change in color
  • Dark streak underneath your nail
  • Change of shape
  • Curling
  • Thinning or thickness
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Failure nail not to grow out

Fingernail Do’s

  • Keep dry & clean
  • Regular hygiene
  • Use moisturizers
  • Apply protective layer such as a nail hardener
  • Consult your physician about Biotin

Fingernail Don’ts

  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Never pick the skin around them
  • You should never pull off hangnails
  • Use fingernail products in moderation
  • Don’t ignore the signs above, and consult your physician immediately

These are very basic do’s and don’ts, but it is a good start to taking good care of your fingernails, I urge parents to keep an eye on these warning signs of their young children. It is very important people don’t overuse these products, and one of the most potent of these is fingernail polish remover. We are exposing ourselves to harsh chemicals pretty much every day, and we must start being more aware, how dangerous these chemicals have become to our immune systems.

halloween nail art supplies
Watching Out For The Warning Signs Is Important To Be Safe When Using Fingernail Products

Best Nail Polish Dryer Machines

One last product you might want to consider investing in is the nail polish dryer machine, and these are very popular and inexpensive. This paragraph is going to provide your the Top 10 Best Nail Polish Dryer Machines, so if this is something you are interested in take a look at the list below.

  • MicroPure
  • Deep Dream
  • Sunyear
  • Melody Susie 12W
  • Meloady Susie 36W
  • Makarrt

Now you have 10  products to start checking out, and if you are interested in reading the article I inserted the link in the paragraph above for your conveneince. Since I am not an expert on this topic I have listed my resources in this article for you, and I am sure these reources will be able to answer many of your questions.

Halloween Nail Art Supplies

To complete this article I am going to list some places you are able to get supplies, so let us see what suppliers we have to choose from below.

This will give you a good start shopping for your supplies, but again remember to consider purchasing one of the kits instead of buying your products separately. I am sure all the companies on the list has kits, so this is just a friendly reminder to get the most for your money.














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