help a family for thanksgiving

Help A Family For Thanksgiving-Change A Families Life

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Are you financially able to help a family for Thanksgiving, we need to start being a  good neighbor. Even the smallest gestures can mean the world to people during difficult times, so that is what this article is about, how to help others less fortunate than yourself.

How You Can Help

Before we get into ways you can be a good neighbor to a struggling family, I wanted to bring to your attention to this organization. There are many options that you can choose from, and I am sure one of these could be the right one for you?

  • Give Kindly a Compassionate Gift
  • Provide Hope
  • Donate If You Can

There are several options you are able to choose from, and even some that are especially for those of you on a low-income or fixed-income yourself. You know the most generous hearts in the United States are not the people working every day, but actually, it is those who are in their senior years and with disabilities. You see it is not that these folks are better off, and in fact, many of them are just making ends meet themselves. So you might be asking yourself why then are they assisting others in need, and the reason is they know themselves what it is like to struggle.

help a family for thanksgiving
You Can Help
There is always someone in need

Can You Sponsor A Family?

By any chance are you able to be a sponsor, you know I have never understood why the wealthy will not provide more assistance to these types of programs? Anyway, I urge you to read on if this might interest you. Even if this program is not right for your budget, I am going to be sharing other ways you might be able to make a great impact on many people’s lives.

Can you afford $36.50 per month, and if so this might be the perfect way you can impact many people’s lives dramatically? You will be assigned a specific family, so you know where and who your monthly donation is going to. Your generous heart will provide enough groceries to get your assigned family enough food to get through the month, so what is your heart saying to you right now?

You will have direct access to everyone you are sponsoring with the ability to correspond with them through letters, and that is not all. You are able to be sure they are being provided for with their email address, and so you can keep in touch with them to be sure they are receiving the food.

Learn Even More About Being A Sponsor 

Budget-Friendly Program

If you are like me and you are on a budget this might be a better choice for you, and with this program, you will be joined with another donor to support one family. So for $18.50 per month, you still can be a sponsor with half of the regular donation cost, and even I can spare $18.50 per month by doing with fewer snacks I really should not be eating so much of anyway? Again you will receive access to correspond with the family, so you will know they are receiving what they need from your monthly donation.

Learn More About  The Budget-Friendly Program

Low-Income Family Program

This program is providing assistance to those who are working. but they are still in need of some assistance to get through the month. These families earn just enough income they are not able to receive any help from any other programs, so they are not getting food or any cash assistance from the government. You can sponsor a family for only $11.00 per month, and this will allow them to shop at the Red Bird Mission Pantry. They will not be receiving any cash from your donation, but instead, they will be able to shop at the Red Bird Mission Pantry for one week’s worth of food. Now if your heart is feeling for these hard-working and low-income families, you can be a part of this for only $11.00 per month. 

Learn More About Bridge The Gap Program

Give Where You Live

Maybe you are like me, and prefer to be providing assistance in your own community? You and some of your friends, and even your church are able to start your own program in your own community. All you need is 4 struggling families in your neighborhood, and we all know no matter where you live this is not difficult to do. This organization will link you to a food pantry, and each family you recommend can shop and pack their own box of basic grocery needs. So this is a sure way to be sure the folks in your community are benefitting from your involvement, so if this has you interested use the link below to learn more.

Learn More About Give Where You Live

Help A Refugee

This program focuses on assisting families and individuals who are in the United States seeking safety and protection, and you are providing them assistance while they seek employment, attend schools, and begin a new life. You can participate in this if it interests you for $27.50 monthly as a shared sponsor, and if you wish to be a full sponsor you would be donating $55.00 per month. Again you will be linked to the family you are sponsoring, and you will be providing them one week of groceries.

Learn More About The Refugee Program


I would never be a sponsor unless I was provided contact rights to the family I was sponsoring, and the reason why is there are too many scams today. When you have access to constantly keeping in touch in any type of sponsored program, you can be sure the organization is legitimate and is not a scam.  I thank you for reading Help a Family for Thanksgiving so far, and please leave me a comment if you desire to share any thoughts or feelings on this article.

help a family for thanksgiving
If it is in your heart and you are able to afford to sponsor a family you will be well rewarded

For those of you who might really want to sponsor a family, but it just is not in your budget. I understand very well how that makes you feel, you also can donate a one-time donation or a monthly donation of what you are able to afford.  Many of us think if we can’t afford very much it is not going to make much of a difference, but if enough of us gives even $20.00 per month that can make a dramatic impact for many families. So if your heart is telling you to do something, I suggest you use the link to go to this organization’s page.

How To Help Your Neighbor?

Maybe you know a family in your own neighborhood that you want to do something for, so I am going to provide you some ideas that might provide you some inspiration. Many of us help a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but why are we not doing this other than these two holidays? So what are some things we can do to provide assistance for someone in our own neighborhood, and maybe we can do it more than just a few times per year?

  • Offer to babysit your neighbor’s children while they go grocery shopping, and if you are up to it, maybe even while they are at work to save them money for groceries.
  • Since you are mowing your own lawn and doing yard work, you might be able to do your neighbors at the same time. I always do my elderly neighbors yard when I do my own, and I always receive a thank you, and that is better than being paid.
  • If you know they are paying someone to walk their dog, you might offer to walk their dog for them for free. This would be a thoughtful way to save them money, and at the same time give you a walking companion.
  • You might offer to assist them in their home chores instead of paying someone, and this would be not only a thoughtful gesture but give them more money.
  • Wash their car for them instead of them taking it to the car wash, so this would give you some exercise and help them at the same time.
  • Leaving a basket of fresh-baked cookies on their doorstep for them, and you could even bake them some home-made bread if you are into baking for Thanksgiving?
  • Fruit baskets are always a very much appreciated gift, you know many families having a tough time often goes without fresh fruit much of the time.
  • Pies are always a good choice during the holidays, but you can also do this at any time of the year.
  • If you are able to afford it Omaha Steaks provides some very good sales year-round, but especially on the holidays, they have very good bargains you could consider? You also can choose from delicious healthy meat snacks as well, so this is something a struggling family would appreciate receiving any time of the year.

These are some very easy ways you can help a family for Thanksgiving and any other time of the year, and of course, there are many other options to choose from depending on the individual families’ needs.

help a family for thanksgiving
Open your heart and help the poor

Prayers For Struggling Families

You don’t need to be religious to make praying a regular routine, I am not what I consider religious, but I do pray every day. I know from my own experience how this simple habit can improve your life, and it is something everyone can do despite if you attend church services regularly or not? So just consider trying to add this to your daily routine, I like to do it first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. You can do this anytime, and anywhere so just think about giving this a try for me.

Lord, hold my family tight

If my relationship with Christ depended on my faithfulness, I’d be in trouble. There’s been a period when I’ve been so hurt, so sad, or so angry, I couldn’t bring myself to pray. When a dear friend was dying from brain cancer, my conversations with God were far from “faith-filled.” I was mad. I knew He had the power to heal her, should He choose. I struggled to understand why He didn’t. But God held me through that time and brought me to a place where I could receive and rest in His comfort. He longs to do the same for you and your family.

When you’re struggling and your emotions are raging beyond your control, praise God for His enduring love and ask Him to draw you near. Recognize that your loved ones may feel overwhelmed with anger and sorrow as well. Pray on their behalf. Ask God, their Creator, and the lover of their souls, to gather them close to His heart.

Unite our family

When chaos hits, we can act as if our loved ones are our enemies. We may attack them with hurtful words or behaviors. But what if we stood shoulder-to-shoulder and fought with them against whatever was threatening to tear our family apart? What if we made our loved ones our allies and intentionally came together during difficult times? What if God wants to use the event that has the capacity to destroy our family to strengthen and unite us instead?

When trouble comes, recognize the relational danger ahead and pray for God’s protective, uniting intervention. Ask Him to unite your hearts, help you see the best in each other, and to cast out any thoughts that might pit you against one another. This is a great prayer to say as a family. Not only is that a request God loves to honor, but it also encourages everyone to adopt and maintain the same focus.

I hope these two prayers inspire those of you reading them in this article, and you can visit the website where I found these prayers and more by using the link below.

Prayers For Struggling Families

Help A Family For Thanksgiving

Even though this article is to motivate my readers to assist a family in need, we need to start doing this year-round and not only on the holidays. God is not going to look over us with pleasure just because we do something for our neighbor once or twice a year, and as the bible states, we are supposed to love our neighbor. There is nothing in the bible that says we are only to love them during the holidays, so open up your heart, and if you can help anyone do it as often as the opportunity arises. Thank you for visiting Free Family Solutions, and I will be praying for all of you.

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