covid 19 tips for dog owners

COVID 19 Tips For Dog Owners-Attention Pet Owners Guide

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Being a pet owner knowing COVID 19 tips for dog owners is very important, I am planning on moving to an apartment but if I can’t take my Miniature Australian Shepherd with me I will stay where I am. Even though a house is too much for me to care for, you would never find me putting myself before my baby. I am writing this article for all the dog lovers in the world, and after you read this you will understand more about how to protect your faithful companion.

ASPCA Tips For Dog Owners

How many of you trust the ASPCA when it comes to your pet, I completely trust them and they are one of the first places I go for information. When it comes to my Miniature Australian Shepherd he always comes first, I have many times sacrificed to provide him with the pet products he needs to be safe and healthy. Even if I must do without things from time to time, I do it because he means the world to me.

  • As it is for you keeping your pet safe is by staying home, so other than walking your dog you might want to consider leaving him home instead of taking him out in public.
  • Washing your hands frequently is recommended for your pet as much as it is for you, so by you taking good care of yourself you also are reducing any risks to your pet.
  • The ASPCA recommends in this article pet owners should try to keep at least a 30-day supply of pet products, and besides their food, it is a good idea to stock up on their medications as well.
  • This tip is something I am not able to do myself, and that is to have a designated caregiver for my Miniature Australian Shepherd. I live alone without any family living in the same town as me, so this is something I need to work on as well.
  • Starting a journal or notebook with all your pet’s needs is very important, and this is for the caregiver if you ever need them.

37% to 47% of people own a dog for companionship, and where I live you can’t go out without seeing people walking with their faithful companion. Pennsylvania is a major animal lover state, and most of the residents donate to organizations such as the ASPCA.

covid 19 tips for dog owners
For the majority of pet owners, their pets come before themselves

What You Need To Know

In an article published in September of 2020, a small number of pets have tested positive for COVID-19, so according to this article, it is believed your dogs and cats might be able to become infected by people. The article also states that you become infected by your pet is a very low risk. So let us see what else this article tells us, and right now we just don’t really know enough about this virus.

  • Treat your dogs and cats just like a child, so you want to protect them from exposure to anyone or any animal that might be infected.
  • If anyone in your household has symptoms, you want to isolate them from everyone living in the home even your pets. For children, this might be very emotional especially if they have their own dog or cat.
  • Anyone who owns a kitty should not allow them to go outdoors, and with them, it is much easier since they use a litter box and really don’t have to go outdoors.
  • When you walk your dog try to remain at least 6 feet from other people and dogs, and this is easy for me living in rural Pennsylvania, but for those of you living in the big cities this could be more of a challenge to do.
  • The best places to walk your pet would be places not popular with crowds of other people, I take my Miniature Australian Shepherd on the nature trails near my home in Pennsylvania.
  • As tempting as it might be to mask your puppy or dog, you should never attempt to do this it really can cause harm to them.
  • For anyone with concerns, you should contact a veterinarian, and this goes for if they show signs they are sick or even if you need pet care tips during the COVID-19 virus.
  • The age of your pet contributes to their risks just as it does for people, so often with a puppy or younger dog they will experience mild symptoms and recover quicker than an older pet.
  • Children under 5 years old are also high-risk, so these are the ages of kids you need to be extra careful. Older adults are also high-risk as well, so these are the age groups you need to protect.

For more information for COVID-19 and Animals use the link to learn more, and please comment and share this article with your family and friends.

covid 19 tips for dog owners
I am living proof of how pets can improve your physical and mental health

How Dogs Can Improve Your Health

Even though this article is focusing more on dogs than any other pet, you can be sure adding an animal companion of your choice can improve your health. I became ill with an autoimmune disease in my mid-thirties, and that ended my career. It also caused me to lose pretty much everything in my life, so my ex abandoned me and I lost my home I worked for my entire life. Luckily my children were pretty much grown up, but I had to move into a low-income apartment which did not allow me to have my dog. That was even more emotional for me than losing everything else, but once I got back on my feet and added my Rottweiler as my companion everything started to become better. I would like now to share how a pet can improve your health, and so read on to learn more.

  • Improves your heart health occurs for many people, and many say this is better than any other type of medicine.
  • Dogs especially are associated with healthier cardiovascular functioning, and the main reason for this is they will motivate you to move more with walking daily.
  • Studies actually have shown people with a canine companion have a lower blood pressure than many others without one, and there are many reasons for this, but the most important one is they provide a natural calming effect.
  • A very interesting fact is they also provide lower cholesterol levels for many pet owners, but the studies have at this time not been able to explain why this is?
  • Those of you who experience high stress and anxiety might benefit from owning a canine companion, and studies have shown the calming effect naturally reduces both of these in the majority of people.

Even though adding a puppy or dog to your family can provide you health benefits, you really don’t want to share your home with them unless you really can provide them love and proper care. I can tell you I would be much more of a couch potato without a pet, and it is very difficult to stay depressed very long when you are loved by that special companion.

CBS News Article On Dogs And Health

How To Protect Your Dog

My next COVID 19 tips for dog owners is how you can protect your dog, and the majority of people with canine companions take better care of their pet than they do themselves. So now we are going to see the best ways to keep our babies safe and healthy, and this information I am sharing comes from the Mayo Clinic.

  • The Mayo Clinic recommends you avoid places that are popular places people walk their dogs, so public parks are just one place you should avoid in most communities.
  • Make it a point to keep them on a leash, you also want to stay a safe distance from other people and dogs. The recommended distance is 6 feet, but the farther away you can stay from others the safer for both you and your canine companion.
  • If you or anyone else in the household becomes sick, you should isolate that person from everyone plus your pets. My niece has a Yorkie, and keeping them separated would be very dramatic for both her and her Yorkie.
  • When you or your puppy are showing symptoms of being sick, you should avoid allowing them to lick your face. Many people sleep with their new pet, but if they are not well this is another thing you should make a point to avoid.

Free Family Solutions is proud to provide solutions to your problems, and COVID 19 tips for dog owners is my first article concerning pets. I chose this topic since I am a dog owner, and I know how I worry about my baby getting this virus.

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COVID Pet Tests

How many of you would be interested in being able to test your pets for COVID, I for one would be interested in being able to test my Minature Australian Shepherd if he showed signs of being sick? Next, I am going to provide you some information on this type of test, and the company that makes these pet tests is IDEXX. 


The company IDEXX is a leader in providing veterinary diagnostics and software, and their test for COVID 19 for pets will be available to veterinarians. This company actually shares that your cats and ferrets are a higher risk than your dog, so this is good news for dog owners. I do feel very sad for cat owners after hearing this, I know more women seem to be fond of cats than dogs. As for ferrets, I really don’t know anyone with one and I have never seen one in person. So it seems that our pets actually are going to be able to be tested by their doctors if suspected of having this virus.

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If Your Dog Tests COVID-19 Positive

Now I am concerned about what will happen next if my dog ever tests positive for COVID, So let us see what we should do if this ever happens to your pet?

  • Isolation from the family and other pets, but just how are we supposed to do this?
  • Never use hand sanitizers or other chemicals on your pet, and this also goes for cleaning wipes.
  • Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations on how to care for your dog during their infection.
  • This is very important for us to know, you might not even know they are sick since some never show any symptoms of being unhealthy.
  • The small number of animals that have been infected recovered completely by isolating them at home, so this seems to be the best treatment but I would take them to their vet just to be safe.
  • There is no evidence that their waste needs any special infection, but of course, you should be careful cleaning up after them and be sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

Next, I am going to provide you the symptoms to be on the outlook for. This is very important for pet owners to know, and provide them medical attention immediately.

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Symptoms of COVID in Dogs

As pet owners, we must take the time to know the symptoms of COVID-19 in dogs. I have provided you a list of the symptoms to watch out for, and if your pet starts having these warning signs seek medical attention for them right away.

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Laying Around More Than Normal
  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Eye Discharge
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

I would suggest if your puppy or dog starts showing these symptoms to contact your pet’s doctor right away, I always call my dogs doctor before taking them to see him. Often they can prescribe what to do over the phone, but if they start showing signs of struggling to breathe I would rush them to get medical assistance right away. It is better to be safe than sorry, and even if they are not infected you will have peace of mind knowing they are okay.

COVID 19 Tips For Dog Owners

I am very happy to be able to provide this article to all of you who are pet owners, and even if you don’t own a dog this information can be very helpful no matter what type of pet you might have. I found it interesting that cats and ferrets are at a higher risk, so if you happen to have either of these you need to be extra careful. You are able to find a variety of solutions to a variety of problems by visiting Free Family Solutions homepage, and I thank you for reading my article, and if you need anything feel free to leave me a comment below.









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