best apps for seniors with dementia

Best Apps For Seniors With Dementia-How To Help Seniors

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Do you know anyone in your family or friends that the best apps for seniors with dementia would help, since the pandemic I have been more focused on the men and women in my community? Those who are in their golden years are our main group to protect, but despite COVID, we also need to be aware of how dementia is affecting them.

Best Activities For Older Adults 

How To Help Your Loved One

I inserted the link above for anyone interested in activities for their loved ones getting up in age, and it is a fact these can be the most beneficial choices to keep their cognitive functioning at its best. Everyone does not experience this health issue as they age, and many of those who don’t is simply because they stay active using some of the ways below.

  • Men and women who read regularly are known to be sharper mentally than those that don’t, so the simple act of providing them books that interest them is one of the better choices.
  • Adult coloring books have become very popular for all ages, but this simple hobby is another option to provide older folks.
  • Crossword and word search puzzles can be a great gift, and many older men and women actually enjoy doing them once they get started.
  • One of the newest products is the conversation cards, and you can find these to benefit those with early signs of cognitive decline. Many people will begin having problems finding the right words during chit-chatting with their family, so if you notice this is happening these have helped some people.
  • The Mind Diet Cookbook focuses on using food for enhancing brain functioning, and I for one feel what we put into our bodies can be our most powerful weapon to stay healthy.
  • Playing games with your loved ones is another good way to keep them healthier mentally, so even though these are just a handful of suggestions, they are a good place to start.

With today’s technology, you have access to so much information than ever before, and my article on the best apps for seniors with dementia is a good place to start learning more about what you can do for older adults.

The MIND Diet Cookbook

About The MIND Diet Cookbook

You will find quick and tasty recipes especially found to enhance brain functioning, I am sure you will be happy to hear these also are preventive, and natural alternative health options. If you are all for the natural approach before medications, I suggest you check out this book with the link above. Here are just some of the benefits you or your loved ones could experience, and all you have to do is cook and eat the right foods.

  • Memory improvement is only one benefit people have experienced from changing their diet, and how many of us are not in need to make this improvement today? Grains are known to contribute to our brain functioning, and I for one since going grain-free am able to think much more clearly.
  • Better concentration to enjoy and do the activities shared in this article, and the more people eat right and do these activities the more improvement they experience.
  • Mentally healthier just by changing your diet, and by changing how you spend your day.
  • 135 easy to prepare recipes with the best foods to enhance brain functioning, so I am sure you are curious about some of these recipes and below I have listed a sample of them just for you.

Brain Enhancing Recipes

  • Pumpkin Muffins
  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Mango Guacamole
  • Walnut Kale Salad
  • Salmon Tacos
  • Rosemary Chicken
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie

I am sure these have tempted you enough to at least check out this inexpensive cookbook, and I know for a fact by changing my diet this has improved my health both physically and mentally.

best apps for seniors with dementia
The MIND Diet Cookbook

Daily Aid Apps

The first thing the majority of people experience is communication, memory, and struggling to be able to perform their daily tasks. So I chose these apps to share with you, and I am sure you will find them not only useful but as well interesting to know they exist.

You will find all of these apps are good choices for everyone, so you can’t go wrong by choosing all of these for your loved one. I really believe if you know a senior who is struggling with any of the daily tasks above these are the best apps for seniors with dementia to choose as gifts or just because you love them.

Free Family Solutions Homepage

Memory Training Apps

Another type of apps great for seniors is memory training apps, so these are awesome choices to keep their cognitive functioning sharp despite their age. These are similar to going to your local YMCA through the Silver Sneakers Program to stay physically healthier as you age, but instead of improving your physical health, you will be improving your cognitive health instead. You might know these more by the name as brain games, so if apps with memory-enhancing functioning would be something that would interest a senior you know, these are good choices to consider.

Relaxation Apps

How many people do you know who are not able to relax, and many older people are known for sleeping less than they should. When I go shopping I like to go early in the morning, and that is because I am always in bed early and up early. The majority of people I see while shopping at this time are seniors, so if you know anyone who is not sleeping or able to relax enough these are also good ones to choose. You might even find these types will benefit you, so even if you are not older you still might want to check these out for yourself?

Games Apps

I must admit games are not my cup of tea, I just never enjoyed playing games. For me, I just feel there are better ways for me to spend my time. So one way is to be helping those of you reading my articles, and I am into doing crossword puzzles. Many of the people who are older tell me they love to do the word search games, so this is one of the best apps for seniors with dementia that enjoy word search games. Another popular activity I am not into but is something many love to do are jigsaw puzzles, so if this applies you can find these at very low prices in dollar stores most of the time.

Caregiver Apps

For those of you who are caregivers, there are apps available just for you.  You can find some of the answers to your problems simply by having access to these, I know when my grandmother developed dementia my mother would have loved to have access to information. So this is something to consider checking out as well if you are taking care of someone with cognitive decline, so these are the best apps for seniors with dementia you will find.

What Causes Cognitive Decline

There are several known reasons that contribute to cognitive decline, and there are many people who never receive treatment simply because they often think they are losing their minds. My grandmother was one of these people, and she isolated herself in her bedroom in my parent’s home so no one would find out. You see at that time people thought they would be put into a mental hospital, so many kept their symptoms a secret by isolating. So what are some of the things that contribute to this I feel you should know, and I have shared them with you below.

  • Medication is now thought to contribute to mental decline, so I go with the natural approach before ever taking any medications. Many of the long-term side-effects can be memory problems, so taking care of yourself when you are younger is important for when you become older.
  • Chronic anxiety which is very common in our society can also contribute to your mental health, and sadly so many people are walking around suffering from this without being able to receive treatment. Some are able to afford to get treatment, and again people are scared they are losing their minds.
  • Depression for long periods is another major contributor, and both anxiety and depression are way too common today.
  • Toxic relationships can also be a factor for some of us, and especially if it includes long-term mental abuse from your partner.

It is important for early screening and treatment, and as you age your more at risk to experience dementia. So knowing the early signs is important, and that is what I am going to share with you next.

National Institute on Aging

Knowing The Early Signs

Everyone at any age could be experiencing some of the early signs from time to time, but when they become a part of your daily life that is when you need to take them as being serious signs you might be experiencing early symptoms of dementia.

  • Short-term memory loss is one early sign to be aware of, so ask yourself can you remember what you had for lunch today? Many people with cognitive decline experience simple memory problems such as this, but just because you can’t remember what you had for lunch from time to time does not mean you are experiencing dementia. You could just not had enough sleep that day, and when we push our bodies with too many things this can happen as well. When it becomes regularly a problem, you should consult your physician about this.
  • Another early sign for many people is starting to experience communication problems, and often they just can’t think of the right word or words during conversations.
  • Easily become confused is often a problem for many people and my grandmother often had no idea what day it was or even what month.
  • Completing everyday living tasks is often another sign, and one common problem is forgetting you have something on the stove cooking.  My grandmother often was doing this before my parents took her into their home, we also noticed she had difficulty dressing. Many times she would be wearing her tops inside out, and she started doing this pretty much every day.
  • Budgeting a bank account becomes a struggle when they have been doing this on their own for years, you will find making little mistakes mentally regularly as a sign you need to start taking care of them.
  • My grandmother started repeating the same thing over and over again, she even got to the point she thought my grandfather was still alive who was deceased for many years.
  • Watch out for extreme mood changes without any reason or warning, they can be in a good mood one minute and the next accusing people of trying to steal from them.
  • Isolation is a sure sign to get them to a physician, and even if they are not experiencing mental decline something is not right if they suddenly want to be alone all the time.
  • The lack of taking care of themselves by showering and eating properly are sure reasons to be concerned, and many times the problem is they actually think they showered or bathed that day and even had their meals.
  • My grandmother became very inappropriate in her behavior, she started stealing things for no reason. We would find her with things that she would not even ever use, and she had no idea where she even got the things.
  • Sneaking out of the house at all hours of the night, and the worse part is many times they will become so confused not having any idea where they are or how to get back home.

These are just some of the early signs that I can remember from my own grandmother, and as time went on her personality changed as well. Most of the time my grandmother could remember things in the past, but when it came to the present she was like a lost little sheep from her flock.

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Best Apps For Seniors With Dementia

Watching your grandmother slowly change from dementia is a very emotional experience for anyone, I am dedicating this article in the memory of my grandmother who I miss very much. She took care of my brothers and me most of our childhood, and to see such a strong independent woman eventually become a vegetable was the most dramatic experience of my life. So please get your loved one to a physician as soon as you start noticing the early signs, and the sooner you do the more chances they will not suffer for almost 15 years as my own loved one did. She physically lived to be 94 years old, but her last 15 years were not living but only existing.








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