how to celebrate thanksgiving with your dog

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Dog-Holiday Tips For Dog Owners

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How to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog is something many of us might be doing this year, so many of us live alone far from our families. Since COVID-19 is at its worse during this holiday season, you might be like me and going to be spending the holidays alone? So this article’s intention is to provide holiday tips for dog owners, and hopefully, this will provide you some motivation and ideas on how to cope better despite being alone? I for one would be very lonely and even depressed without my fur baby, so this blog post is for anyone who shares their home with a dog.

COVID Tips Guide For Pet Owners

Feeling Lonely And Depressed

I want to share my feelings today with all of you, I had to take my Miniature Australian Shepherd to the vet yesterday. Until I spent the evening without him, I really didn’t realize how much he enriches my life, and all evening and today I have been feeling lonely and a bit on the blue side. You see he has to stay there for several days, and this is the first time I came home without him greeting me at the door. So until you don’t have your canine companion you might not realize just how much they are an emotional support to you, I now am writing this article for myself and for you how to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog. For many of us, this might be the first time we will not be traveling to be with our families? If you are lucky enough to have a canine companion, you are not going to be alone.

how to celebrate thanksgiving with your dog
You Might Not Realize How Much Of A Emotional Support Your Dog Is To You Until They Are Not There

Quotes For Dog Lovers

Before I started reading inspirational quotes daily my mood often was not as positive as it is today, I find it amazing how simply reading daily quotes starts my day on such a positive note. If this is not the first article you are reading on Free Family Solutions, you will notice I very seldom lack providing you at least some of these to brighten your day. I would love to hear from you if these are something that improves your day after reading this article, you can leave me a comment at the end of this blog post if you desire to share.

“If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise.” – Anonymous

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.” – Phil Pastoret

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. – Josh Billings

“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.” – Franklin P. Jones

“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you feel rich.” – Louis Sabin

Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more. – Agatha Christie

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ― Roger A. Caras, writer and preservationist

“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” ― John Grogan, author

“I want to love like a dog, with unabashed devotion and complete lack of concern about what people do for a living, how much money they have, or how much they weigh.” – Oprah Winfrey

If you never owned a pet, you don’t know what you have been missing. A home is not a home without a dog, and every single person should consider giving them a home. I always had one until right after my ex abandoned me when I became ill, and that time was the most miserable time in my life without a canine companion.

Dog Care And Health


Besides inspirational quotes prayers reach a very special place in my heart, so this is another thing I share in the majority of my articles from time to time. I have a prayer that I wish to share with you today, and I do hope this reaches a special place in your heart.

I smile as I think of my beloved one –

Running and playing,

And cuddling with me.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for my delightful pet.

I ask that you would bless my pet with good health and
long life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


For more inspirational prayers you can visit the website Inspirational-Prayers, you will find a variety of topics and something for everyone here.

Top Rated Dog Foods Recommended

How many of you are like me when it comes to wanting to provide your best friend the top-rated food, I want more than anything else to provide my Miniature Australian Shepherd the best food that will provide him a long and healthy life, you can find the top-rated puppy and dog foods recommended by Dog Advisor in their article. They rate them by category, and also they are what they suggest you choose in 2020.  What about for specific breeds, so how many of you ever wondered if it depends on the breed of your canine companion which food would be best to be feeding your puppy or dog? As an extra bonus in the article, you can search by the specific breed by visiting the website Dog Food Guide, so if this is something that might interest you check out their article. Since my Miniature Australian Shepherd is not a very large breed, I am providing him with Blue Buffalo, but when I had my Rottweiler it just was not possible for me to feed him this brand. So I really do feel you must consider the breed and size of your pet, and also what fits the best in your budget.

Top Rated Dog Food Brands @ Amazon

Fun Activities For Your Dog And You

The majority of dogs love just spending time with their owners, I find my Miniature Australian Shepherd loves to spend time with me walking the nature trails. Another fun way indoors is me throwing his ball for him to chase after it, and his breed is very high energy. So I must stay active with him so he does not get bored, and when they become bored is when they get into trouble. Let us look at some more ways how to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog, and the more time you spend with them the closer your bond will become.

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Frisbee
  • Jogging
  • Playing Ball
  • Movie Night With Treats
  • Doggy Football
  • Tug of War
  • Hide n Seek
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Which Hand Game
  • Dog Park
  • Dog Tag
  • Go Exploring
  • Hide The Kong Filled With Peanut Butter
  • Take Some Funny Photographs of Your Dog
  • Dress Up Your Dog
  • Exercise With Your Dog
  • Nature Trail Running
  • Parks
  • Lakes
  • Skateboarding

Some dogs are more athletic than others, so just like a person, you have to experiment with activities you enjoy and include your dog to see how they react. I know people who exercise on treadmills with their dogs, and my neighbor rides his bike and his dog tags along. You just never know what you might find that the two of you are able to do together, but like children, most dogs just enjoy having fun with their owners.

Thanksgiving Treats For Your Pooch

Thanksgiving Safe Foods For Your Dog

We all love to spoil our fur babies, and on the holidays is no exception. As a dog owner, you need to know which foods are safe to give your best friend? So let us see how you can spoil your baby this Thanksgiving, and keep them safe.

  • Sweet potatoes are a great choice to give to your dog, and my Miniature Australian Shepherd just loves them. Since those are the only type of potatoes I am able to eat, I must admit he gets them more often than just on Thanksgiving.
  • When it comes to fruit apples are a good option, and vitamin A and C is very good for them. I do want to warn you to be sure not to allow them to have any of the seeds, and these can be harmful to them.
  • Turkey is a much-appreciated treat, but you should be careful there are no bones in the meat. You also should never give them the skin, so just be careful when giving them turkey meat.
  • Plain green beans are very healthy for your pet, but no butter or any spices.
  • Pumpkin is a very healthy treat but avoid the canned pumpkin pie filling.
  • My little guy just loves frozen yogurt anytime, so this is one of the healthy treats I spoil my baby with on the holidays.

Now you know some healthy Thanksgiving foods you can share with your canine friend, but what are some that you never want to give them?

Deals For Dogs

Thanksgiving Foods Never To Give Dogs

Now we are going to learn what we should never give our dogs, and as much as we love to spoil them. we never would want to give them anything that might harm them. so let us see what to avoid giving them.

  • Turkey Bones
  • Turkey Skin
  • Gravy
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Chocolate
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Ham
  • Spicey Foods

Here are some of the Thanksgiving foods you never want to give your dog, so you might want to write these down for the future just to be safe?

Dog Grooming Deals

Thanksgiving Doggy Toys

I am always keeping my eye out for something special to buy when out shopping for Aussie, and I found this article on Breeding Business with the best Thanksgiving toys for dogs.

  • Nylabone Turkey Leg Toy
  • KONG Shakers Honkers
  • Turkey Leg Chew Toy
  • Gourmet Turkey Chew Toy
  • Thanksgiving Squeak Plush Toy
  • Snug n Tug Plush
  • Gobble Ball
  • Play King Holiday Toy
  • BULLYMake Turkey Leg Toy
  • Power Plush Turkey

My Miniature Australian Shepherd will be 2 years old in December, and his favorite toys are balls of all sizes. Playing ball with me is his favorite indoor activity that we do every single day, and he also loves those rope toys to play tug of war with me. Of course, I always allow him to win the tug of war, I just love how proud he is when he thinks he pulled his rope toy out of my hands.

Dog And Dog Owner Gift Ideas

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Dog

Living alone I know my Miniature Australian Shepherd makes my holidays less lonely, and right now I am missing him terribly. Lucky tomorrow I can go to the vets and bring him home, I just can’t imagine living without a dog in my home. So this article is for all of you who love dogs as much as I do, you will never find another critter that will give you so much love and joy than your best friend and canine companion.










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