celebrating thanksgiving counting our blessings

Celebrating Thanksgiving Counting Our Blessings-Being Thankful During COVID

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It is becoming closer to the time to be celebrating Thanksgiving counting our blessings, and even as difficult 2020 has been for all of us. We must stay positive and appreciate that things have not been worse, and for many of us who have lost loved ones, this will be even more challenging.

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Spending The Holiday Alone

Many of us will not be able to spend this traditional holiday with family this year, and all this is due to the COVID pandemic. I am sure some of you will go ahead spending the holiday the traditional way, but many of us like myself will be home alone. With my mother being in her 80’s now, we don’t want to risk infecting her. So my brothers and I will be not going to my mother’s house to keep her safe, and by now the majority of people must admit this is for real and serious. So how do we celebrate Thanksgiving counting our blessings during this crazy time, and that is what this article is all about?

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Ways To Spend The Holiday In 2020

The first thing we must figure out is how to spend the holiday during this pandemic, and people are not happy about changing their habits especially when it comes to this holiday. Spending the day with our families with a feast of our favorite foods is a tradition, so how do we overcome and still enjoy Thanksgiving?

  • Technology is one thing we should be thankful for, and there is a way to use this to still be able to spend the holiday with our families. Many of you are able to have a virtual family holiday, and even though it is not as good as being there in person it can be one way to still celebrate with your family. If you are able to broadcast your computer display on your television, you can do this to enjoy your traditional dinner with your family. Smart devices such as the Amazon Echo Show is one way to accomplish this, you can find a variety of these products to fit everyone’s budget.

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  • I have been considering ordering my mom a meal to arrive for the holiday, and I just might even send her some goodies as well. I also have been thinking about sending my mother a gift basket or even a new houseplant, you can do any of these to show your loved one you are thinking about them. Even though this is not as good as being with them in person, you might be surprised how much this will brighten their Thanksgiving Day.
  • For those of you who live in a warmer climate, you could start planning a picnic outdoors instead of the traditional indoor way of celebrating Thanksgiving counting our blessings, so this is an alternative that is much safer than indoors. You still would want to keep it small in the number of people, but this is an option for those of you living in a climate that would permit you to be with family outdoors.
  • Never be too set in your ways to start new family traditions, so an outdoor picnic or a virtual holiday are two options to consider.
  • Planning ahead is the key to making this year as enjoyable as you possibly can, so even if you are thinking about going virtual or an outdoor picnic, you will need to talk to your family and plan how to accomplish this early.
  • As for an outdoor celebration you might want to consider pre-made portion meals instead of the traditional buffet, and this will be much safer for everyone during the pandemic.
  • Limiting the number of cooks also might be safer than everyone bringing a dish, so by keeping the guest list limited to the immediate family would be your best strategy.
  • Pre-packaged silverware is another option to consider,

These are some suggestions you can consider if you do spend the holiday with your family, but if you have high-risk family members you really would be better to go virtual this year.

celebrating thanksgiving counting our blessings
Focusing on your blessings prevents you from losing faith

Counting Our Blessings

There is no doubt it is much easier for all of us to focus on the negative things in our lives, but people who are positive actually have good things happen to them. Counting our blessings is the most important first step in staying mentally healthy, and the next part of this article is going to provide you some motivation and tips on how to get started.

  • How many people take the simple pleasures in our lives for granted, and this is a very good place to start to change how you look at your life. I look forward to the simple act of spending time with my Miniature Australian Shepherd each and every day, I live alone and he is the most precious asset I value the most. We love to take our daily nature walks, and this is a good habit to add to your life as well. Nothing perks us up more than seeing God’s beauty and wild critters, so why not give this a try as a blessing you can count every time you are walking and enjoying nature?
  • Appreciate the people in your life and you meet every day, I have found nothing perks me up more than doing something nice for another person. Even if you are living on a strict budget, you can always find a way to do something for another person. Too many people think you must spend money to do something for others, but the simple act of taking someone’s shopping cart back to the store for them will do more for you than you could imagine.
  • Working on your dreams one day at a time is a blessing, you will appreciate the goals you accomplish by taking them one step at a time. Every goal you achieve is a blessing, so never take for granted what you achieve each day.
  • When you count your blessings each and every day you are naturally more positive, and by doing this you will find you also will become naturally a happier person.
  • Starting a journal is beneficial for some people to get started, and all you do is write everything you are thankful for each day. Many people get more out of writing their thoughts and feelings down, you also are able to go back and read your journal on your bad days which for many people improves their mood.
  • When you are focusing on the positive things you will feel less anxious and stressed, so this is a very good coping skill for the majority of people with high stress in their life.
  • This simple act regularly has improved my own sleep problems, and I am not a constant worrier today as in the past.

This should motivate you plus give you a good start to counting your blessings each and every day, you will find this also will have you with time naturally seeing the world more positive.

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How To Say Thank You

I don’t know about you and your family, but my family seldom says thank you. I have made this a point to do every chance I get, I always thank the cashier when checking out naturally. You might find this part of the article helpful and interesting, I am going to provide you ways to say thank you. I feel confident you will find some of these a good fit for you, and this is another good habit to add to your daily routine.

  • Thanks
  • Thank You
  • Appreciate It
  • Cheers
  • Thank You So Much
  • I Appreciate What You Do For Me

Now how do you respond to someone who thanks you is another awkward moment for some of us, and below are some ways you can accomplish this.

  • Sure
  • No Problem
  • Don’t Worry About It
  • You’re Welcome
  • Don’t Mention It
  • It’s My Pleasure

As you are celebrating Thanksgiving counting our blessings you might also want to learn how to say thank you and respond to others who thank you. Many of us feel awkward when someone does something for us, and I am one who had to work very hard on this in the past.

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Thanksgiving Quotes

I have some quotes to share with you today, and these came from the website Brainy Quotes. Quotes are a great way to stay positive, I read them every day and I even have some come to my email box by signing up with my favorite websites.

On Thanksgiving I will stop to give thanks that my family is safe and healthy, especially because I realize that, following the tragedies of this year, it is all too real a possibility that they might not have been.

Bobby Jindal

Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.

Amy Grant

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

Irv Kupcinet

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

Over and over I marvel at the blessings of my life: Each year has grown better than the last.

Lawrence Welk

Thanksgiving Prayers

The prayers below are from the website Christians Want To Know, and I am happy to be able to share the prayers with all of you.

We Give Thanks

Our Father in Heaven,
We give thanks for the pleasure
Of gathering together for this occasion.
We give thanks for this food
Prepared by loving hands.
We give thanks for life,
The freedom to enjoy it all
And all other blessings.
As we partake of this food,
We pray for health and strength
To carry on and try to live as You would have us.
This we ask in the name of Christ,
Our Heavenly Father.

Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer

O God, when I have food,
help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a home,
help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain,
help me to remember those who suffer,
And remembering,
help me to destroy my complacency;
bestir my compassion,
and be concerned enough to help;
By word and deed,
those who cry out for what we take for granted.

-Samuel F. Pugh

Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer

Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day
We bow our hearts to You and pray.
We give You thanks for all You’ve done
Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.
For beauty in nature, Your glory we see
For joy and health, friends and family,
For daily provision, Your mercy and care
These are the blessings You graciously share.
So today we offer this response of praise
With a promise to follow You all of our days.

-Mary Fairchild

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Safety Tips For Families

The following safety tips for families were provided by the website NY Metro Parents, and they are from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • It is recommended you have a small dinner with just the family members who live in your household, and if you desire to prepare a box of food for neighbors and friends drop it off at their door.
  • A virtual holiday is suggested for the children to see and talk with their grandparents, and this might not be as special as in person but it is safer for the grandparents.
  • Another option as I shared earlier in this article is an outdoor event, and the article suggests a park as a good place.
  • Family nature hikes are good activities for the entire family, you should wear masks and keep social distancing as much as possible.
  • Avoid shopping in stores on the holiday and Black Friday this year, and instead, do your shopping online.
  • Consider a movie marathon as a holiday activity, and don’t forget about the Macy’s Parade.
  • Football games are still a very good activity for the fans in your family, but avoid inviting anyone outside of your family.

Even though this year has to be different due to the pandemic, I hope some of the suggestions in this article will provide your family with a special Thanksgiving Day.

Virtual Devices For Families

Since having a virtual holiday might be new to some of my readers, I thought maybe some of these virtual devices might be interesting and helpful for some of you.

So these are some options for families to consider staying in touch despite we are in a pandemic, and hopefully next year we can spend the holidays with our families in person again.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Counting Our Blessings

This article is full of information for families on how to stay safe during the pandemic, I know the holidays are not going to be nearly as special this year. We can still enjoy them and keep in touch with our families with the tips provided, I really want to encourage you to start right now counting your blessings each and every day. If you are safe and healthy, you have so much to be thankful for. I am praying for everyone in the entire world to get through this safely and feel free to leave me a comment if you wish me to add you to my prayer list personally.








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