celebrate a happy and safe thanksgiving with your pets

Celebrate A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets-Stay At Home Tips

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Celebrate a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your pets this year, so if this applies to you this article is going to provide you special meals for your cat or dog, and what people food is safe to give them on the holiday.

Holiday Pet Meals @ Amazon

Special Meals For Your Pets

Free Family Solutions does receive a small commission from any of the purchases, but this does not increase the price you will pay if you choose to purchase from any of the links in my articles. The Amazon link above will take you to a page with a variety of holiday meals, and this is one way to celebrate a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your pets. Below I have listed some of the choices available, and if any of these interests you use the link above to go directly to the page on Amazon.

  • Lil Plates holiday dinner is grain-free, and a good choice for small breed dogs.
  • Merrick Classic grain-free canned dog food is another good choice, and you will receive 12 cans if you choose this offer.
  • Sojo’s Mix a Meal is a complete doggy food, and if you do a subscription you will receive a discount.
  • Broth and Stock are provided by the brand Nourished Kitchens, and this is a book for those of you who prefer recipes to prepare homemade healthy meals for your dog.
  • Anyone with a small to medium size pet could consider Blue Buffalo, I am providing this brand for my Miniature Australian Shepherd because I want him to be healthy and live a long and happy life. You will only find fresh ingredients in this brand, and best of all no artificial ingredients or preservatives. For anyone with a large breed this brand might not be in your budget, I had a Rottweiler and I know myself I just was not able to afford to feed him the Blue Buffalo brand.
  • Prime Blends is produced by the company Nature’s Recipes, and you will find this contains chicken and beef with no grains.
  • Grain and gluten-free Pumpkin Biscuits might be more of a holiday treat you are more interested in, and Portland Pet Food offers this special holiday treat.
  • Sweet potatoes are very healthy for your canine companion, and I provide these for my Miniature Australian Shepherd regularly. Pet Eden provides sweet potato treats, so if you prefer to provide a holiday treat instead of one of the meals this is a healthy choice.

These are just a few of some of the choices on the first page that caught my eye, so if you are interested in the list I have shared use the Amazon link above to see what else they might have for your best friend. I have not forgotten cat owners, you can also find holiday goodies for your kitty by using the link above as well.

celebrate a happy and safe thanksgiving with your pets
Pets do enrich our lives especially for those of us who live alone

Thanksgiving With Your Pets

What motivated me to write this article is so many of us will be spending the holiday at home alone, and I have already written an article on how to spend this holiday with your dog, so you can read that article if you are a dog owner. In this paragraph, I am going to provide some tips for cat owners. if it was not for our pets many of us including myself would be very lonely, and just last week my Miniature Australian Shepherd had to spend a few days at the vets and I actually started to feel a little depressed.

  • Cook a special meal for your kitty will make you feel so good inside, we naturally feel happier when doing things for others and this also goes for our pets.
  • Go shopping for a special holiday toy for your cat, and you can find some good choices at your favorite dollar stores. So even if money is a problem due to COVID this year, I am sure you can afford to spend one dollar on a kitty toy.
  • Attention is something my Miniature Australian Shepherd can never get enough of, so if you have a cat that loves attention why not provide them some extra love on the holiday?
  • As you read earlier in this article there are extra special meals available to give to your cat on the holidays, but maybe some of you are wondering what holiday foods are safe to give to cats?

My next paragraph will be providing you exactly that, so read on to learn what holiday foods are safe to give your cat. You always want to know what is safe before giving them any people food, I have done extensive research for my Miniature Australian Shepherd and I even have made a list.

Celebrating Thanksgiving During COVID

Safe Holiday People Food For Cats

You will find you can celebrate a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your pets this year, and anyone with a dog or a cat knows how difficult it is to be sad and depressed very long when you have a pet. I honestly just look into my Miniature Australian Shepherds eyes and my day is automatically brightened, so if you are feeling blue just spend some extra time with your dog or cat to brighten your mood. Anyone who lives alone should consider adding one to their home, you can find so many already house-broken by adopting from an animal rescue center.

  • Turkey provides you high protein that is not only good choices for you but is also a good choice for your cat. Avoid giving them the skin, and actually, the breast meat is the healthiest for them. Never give them any uncooked meat, so always be sure it is well cooked to be safe.
  • Mashed potatoes are another food choice to consider, but before you add the butter and any other ingredients set aside a portion for your cat.
  • If you happen to serve plain green beans as many of us do, you can share them as well. Green bean casseroles should never be given to pets, you only want to give them plain vegetables without anything else added.
  • The plain pumpkin so many of us purchase for our home-made pumpkin pies is okay to give your feline. You never want any that has spices given to your cat.
  • My Miniature Australian Shepherd loves carrots uncooked and cooked, and in fact, I give him some daily as a healthy snack. This is also a good holiday treat for your cat, but that is if your feline is one that will eat them? My Rottweiler would not eat carrots in any form, but I never gave them to him as a puppy which is something I should have done.

Next, we are going to learn what people holiday food to avoid giving our pets, and the next paragraph is a good guide for cat owners as well as dog owners.

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Holiday Foods Never Give Pets

To celebrate a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your pets you really need to know what food not to give them as well, so I have included this section because I would never want you to accidentally harm your dog or cat by giving them any of the foods below.

  • Bones from any of your holiday meats are not a good choice, and as much as they do love meat bones you never want to give them to your pets. So please never give them any meat bones just to be safe, so let us see what is next on our list.
  • Gravy is another unsafe food, and the main reason is it is very high in salt which is not safe for any animals. There also is high fat in gravy and both of these are not healthy for them.
  • Stuffing is another one to never feed to your pets, and the reason for this is it is full of spices and most often onions.
  • Never ever feed your dog or cat ham, you will find again this meat type can cause very serious problems. It is high in salt and fat for one thing, and ham is processed which processed foods are not pet-friendly foods.
  • As most pet owners know chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats, but you also should never feed them any type of desserts as well. You want to provide holiday food that lacks any spices, salt, sugar, and anything artificial ingredients to be safe.

I am very serious about doing my best to provide my Miniature Australian Shepherd only natural foods, I am strongly convinced the artificial ingredients and preservatives are contributing to both our health problems as well as our pets. I am finding pet owners telling me their dogs and cats are experiencing many of the same health problems as we do, so to me, this tells me it must be something both of us are putting into our bodies. Even the chemicals in our products and our pet products could be contributing, so our best strategy is to use as little chemical-loaded products for ourselves plus our dogs and cats.

Only Natural Pet Products

Best Natural Cat Food Brands

Since I am allergic to the majority of cat breeds I have never owned a feline pet, but I would think it would be much budget-friendly for someone with a kitty to feed them only natural cat food brands. As for a dog, I find unless you have a very small breed it can be too expensive for many families, but according to the website Buyers Guide Nom Nom is your best choice for a healthy cat. As for any dog owners this website recommends The Farmers Dog, so for anyone interested in the two best natural pet food, this is what the Buyers Guide recommends.

Free Family Solutions is not providing me an income, but what this website does is allow me to provide family solutions. I earn very little commission from any purchases you might make from my affiliate links, and everything I do earn is to help me keep this website online for you.

Prayer For A Sick Pet

Whenever our pets become sick we worry about them just as much as if they were a child, and many of us actually would sacrifice our own health to keep our dog or cat happy and safe. I have a prayer today for anyone with a sick pet.

May your blessing be upon this cat/dog and in your steadfast kindness. Keep (him, her) safe from all harm. We pray that you would show forth your eternal love and mercy, in the companionship and friendship that this cat/dog provides.



celebrate a happy and safe thanksgiving with your pets
Cats and dogs are precious to many of us and provide us many health benefits

Inspirational Pet Quotes

I strongly believe in inspirational quotes for the benefits they provide us, and I try to include at least a few in the majority of my articles. Today I have a few inspirational quotes for you, and I hope these have brightened your day.

“There’s a saying. If you want someone to love you forever, buy a pet, feed it and keep it around.” Dick Dale, American Musician

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” Martin Buber, German Philosopher

“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” George Eliot, British Author

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” James Herriot, British Writer

“I think having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” Rachael Ray, American Television Personality

I hope with all my heart these quotes and this article has brightened your day, we all need some extra inspiration dealing with COVID way too long.

Home-Made Recipes For Pets

Today I have included some recipes for cats as an extra bonus to Celebrate a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets, and for anyone interested in preparing their own home-made food this is for you.

  • Kitty Tuna Dreams
  • Kitty Kisses
  • Pet Cookies
  • Liver Licker Dog Treats
  • Sweet Potatoe Dog Treats

These are just a small sample of the recipes you will find by reading the article 21 Easy Home-Made Pet Food And Pet Treat Recipes, so if the ones above sound interesting you might want to read the article to get these and other recipes for your dog or cat.

How To Be A Responsible Pet Parent 

Celebrate A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets

Since I am not able to go to my mother’s this year for Thanksgiving due to COVID, I am so fortunate to have my Miniature Australian Shepherd to spend the holiday with. Everyone is not a pet person, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many people who have become pet foster parents have ended up adopting a pet, so this is a very smart way to test the waters if being a pet parenting is right for you. I have faith anyone who lives alone will be rewarded by taking a pet of their choice into their home, and many seniors have overcome being lonely and depressed simply by adopting a cat or dog.

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