how to buy engagement ring wholesale

How To Buy Engagement Ring Wholesale-Shopping For Engagement Rings

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Are you ready to pop the question to that special lady, and if so this article is especially for you? How to buy engagement ring wholesale might be just what you are looking for, and with COVID many of you might be shopping for the best deals?

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Shopping Tips You Need To Know

Before you begin your shopping, you really need to read the following tips provide by Brides. So read on to learn what this website has to share with you on choosing the ring that will light up her eyes.

  • The first tip this article provides is you must make the decision of what shape your lady would desire, so how well do you know your sweetheart when it comes to choosing the right shape for her?
  • What metal type are you going to buy is another important factor when choosing this special gift, so the better you know her the easier this will be.

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  • These come in what is considered carat size, so just how large of a stone do you want is another important decision you need to make before ever beginning your shopping.
  • The most difficult factor the majority of men experience is what size their ladies finger size might be, and if you want this to be a complete surprise you might not want to ask her?
  • Thinking ahead you want to picture how the engagement ring and wedding band are going to look together, You might want to consider buying them as a set to ease your anxiety?
  • How important is certification going to be, and many women are not as picky about many of the things you need to consider in this article.
  • For those of you who are going all out for this purchase, you might want to consider learning how to buy engagement rings wholesale?

The majority of the ladies where I live in the state of Pennsylvania are not especially picky, but for those of you who want the best you can afford to impress your lady, there is more for you to learn.

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Oval-Shaped Engagement Rings

Many of you stumped on the best shape choice, you might be interested in the oval-shape. This is very appealing to the majority of women, and in my own opinion, it appears much more elegant and special than any other. You might find this interesting that this represents rebirth and fertility, but below I am going to share even more about this so read on.

  • Diamonds that are oval symbolize fertility, you also might find this interesting that it also promises a prosperous marriage as well.
  • This is also a good choice for second marriages, and the reason for this is the meaning of rebirth and a new prosperous life.
  • If you are in search of a way to promise eternal love with a lady, you will be pleased to know this is another important meaning from the oval-shaped engagement ring.
  • If you are in search of unique and your own personality in a ring, you will find this is not your trendy jewelry choice. This is really a great choice for couples who want to be different than the majority, so if you are looking to stand out this is my recommended choice.
  • Couples known to avoid following the crowd will love this choice, so if most of your married friends are going with round shaped engagement rings you might want to choose this shape instead?

How to buy engagement ring wholesale is more than just a shoppers guide, as you can see I am going one step further by providing you tips on how to choose the best one for your lady.

how to buy engagement ring wholesale
The Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring Is Elegant and Unique

The Engagement Ring

This type of jewelry represents much more than just the love between two people, You can show your love with many other gifts such as traditional chocolates and flowers. So this next paragraph is going to touch on why this is such an important part of a serious relationship, so this might be more of an education for you guys than you gals?

  • You will want to place this ring on your ladies’ left-hand ring finger, and this began during ancient times. Are you curious about the true reason for this tradition, so it seems it be thought there was a vein that went straight to your heart on this finger and this hand?
  • Rose-gold and white-gold are the most popular metals preferred today, I am partial to the rose-gold myself.
  • For the majority of women, this provides them a psychological value. The promise of marriage gives them a sense of security in a relationship, and since every lady does not wear the same type of engagement ring this makes each lady feel they are extra special.
  • Even today marriage celebrates their love and commitment with this special type of jewelry, and now you are going to see more of these worn by men than ever before.

There are many gifts of love you can choose to give that special lady, but there is nothing that will melt her heart more than receiving the engagement ring from you.

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Wholesale Jewelry Business

Above you see I shared a link to Kay Jewelry, so if you have done your homework with the tips above you just might want to check out this sale? This is one of the most popular stores couples shop for this type of jewelry, so if this is one of your favorite stores feel free to check out their sale by using the link in How To Buy Engagement Ring Wholesale. You will find something for every budget, and they begin from $100.00 clear up to $10,000.00  and higher. Below is a list of jewelry wholesale supplies to start your own business, and this niche is a very good one to provide a steady income.

  • The Welman Group
  • Cheap Wholesale Jewelry
  • Jewelry Max
  • Trends Gal
  • US Jewelry House
  • Rudy Imports
  • Stuller
  • Fashionbella
  • Kole Imports
  • Wona Trading
  • Wholesale Accessory Market
  • Zenzil Wholesale
  • Alamode Fashion Jewelry Wholesale
  • Godfather Jewelry Inc
  • DDFL Import

These are the top 15 wholesale supplies located in the U.S.A, and for anyone interested in starting a jewelry online business these are your best places to check out first.

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Best Jewelry Supplies From China

You will find many of your online stores that sell jewelry start out with supplies from China, and this is because you can purchase low prices and sell higher to earn more profits. Shipping is very reasonable as well, so you can actually offer free shipping to your potential customers. The one thing you have to consider is to watch out for low-quality jewelry, and another thing is receiving your merchandise takes up to 30 days with many suppliers. Here is the list of the best choices to consider, and many people are forced to start an online business since COVID has taken their employment from them.

  • Chinabrands
  • Alibaba
  • Ali Express
  • Nihaojewelry
  • Gets
  • Very Selection

These are the supplies from China I would consider if I was starting a jewelry business of my own, you will find these are the best choices to trust with your new online business. You can read more about these by visiting the China Brands website, and you also will find suppliers from the USA and the UK in this article.

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How To Buy Engagement Ring Wholesale

This article has provided the consumer shopping for an engagement ring, and I also included a section for anyone interested in starting their own jewelry online business. I thank you for visiting Free Family Solutions, and as a bonus to end this article here is a link that will take you to the article How To Buy a Diamond. I would love to hear from you in my comments, you also can ask for requests through my comments page as well.






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