how to spoil your wife without money

How To Spoil Your Wife Without Money-Think Thoughtful Not Expensive

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How to spoil your wife without money is a guide for all those husbands during COVID, you will find the average women will be happier with a thoughtful gesture than the most expensive gifts. In this article, we are going to help men possibly struggling due to the lack of income. You still are able to make your lady know she is special with the tips in this blog post, so read on to learn what I have in mind for you.

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how to spoil your wife without money
Remember The Things You Did For Her That Didn’t Cost Money?

Most Women Are Not Gold Diggers

To be fair to the majority of wives money is not what makes them happy, but instead, it is the little things their husband does for them. Sure there are gold diggers in the world out to catch themselves a wealthy man, but the majority of women appreciate how they are treated and how much thought you put into showing your love for them. When I married my high-school sweetheart our love was enough for her to be happy, but as the years went by the little thoughtful things I did for her were not enough anymore. So when I become too ill to earn a living any longer, she abandoned me which broke my heart. Over the years I have remained single, but I have learned all ladies are not gold diggers.

How To Tell If She Is A Gold Digger?

Remember The Waltons?

Some of you might remember the television program The Waltons, but for those who are not familiar with this program keep reading. This was about a family who lived in the mountains during the depression, and if you go on YouTube you will be able to watch some of the videos of The Waltons. Just by watching these videos, you will get some ideas of how to spoil your wife without money, so if you are interested check these videos out. The reason I am sharing this with you is it shows you how this family showed their love for one another despite the lack of money, So I am sure this will inspire and motivate many of you simply by watching some of their episodes.

History Of The Great Depression

Can You Afford $0.50 To $1.00?

A very simple yet thoughtful gesture that will melt her heart is shopping for a card, I am big in sending cards to my mother and my sons. Since I am on a low-income, I purchase all mine from Dollar Tree. You will find just as nice ones as at Walmart, so if you have a Dollar Tree near you check out their cards. Don’t forget you also have the option of sending her e-cards, and here are some websites if this interests you?

  • Blue Mountain
  • American Greetings
  • Hallmark
  • 123 Cards
  • Smilebox
  • Greetings Island
  • Greeting Card Universe
  • Dayspring

Here are some websites to consider if you like the idea of sending e-cards to your wife, so this is a great option on how to spoil your wife without money. Most of these are free, and some require a small fee but you can’t go wrong taking the time to choose a thoughtful card that will brighten her day.

Cards For Wives 

Cook Her A Meal

What lady would not be impressed and feel spoiled by her husband cooking for her, and even if you are not much of a cook I have the solution for you. With slow cookers, anyone can prepare an impressive meal. So this is just one way you can accomplish this thoughtful gesture for your lady, you also can find cookbooks especially for slow cookers. So you have no excuse with this kitchen appliance, plus the many books available today. You really will melt her heart much more by preparing the meal with your own two hands, but cooking is not for everyone.

Five Easy Meals To Prepare For Her

Write Her A Love Letter

Many of you might think this is high-school and college stuff, but if  I was a betting man I would bet this would really impress her. The best ways on how to spoil your wife without money are to surprise her, so just imagine how surprised she would be to receive in the mail a love letter from you. You could even send it to her place of employment if she is working, now would that not melt her heart as she opens your letter and starts to read how much you love her? The longer couples are married the less they do the simple things that keep their love strong, and if more men did thoughtful things for no reason there just might be fewer divorces?

Need Help Starting Your Love Letter?

Do Something Thoughtful For Her

Another way men can show their love plus impress their wives is by doing something thoughtful for them, and two of the things that come to mind are doing the dishes and laundry for her. Being single for a very long time, I know these are the two most disliked chores for me. So I am positive if you go out of your way to do either of these, she will appreciate your kind gesture more than you might ever imagine. I often did these both when I become disabled unable to work, but in my case, my ex didn’t appreciate my gestures. I really believe from my heart the majority of women would be touched by their husbands doing either of these, so these are two more ideas for you to consider that will not cost you any money.

Texting Your Wife

Today texting is a very popular way to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends, so why not use texting to spoil your wife from time to time. You can start simply out of the blue sending her an I Love You, and I assure you this will be the brightest part of her day. As you get more comfortable you can become more creative, but just letting her know you are thinking about her and miss her will go a long way.

Romantic Text Ideas

How To Write Her A Prayer?

For those couples who are spiritual writing, a prayer for your wife can be very special. This might be difficult for many men, so I am going to provide you a step-by-step prayer plan.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is decide why you want to write your wife a prayer, you can write her a prayer thanking her for being such a good wife over the years. You also could write her a prayer if she is going through a difficult time, so this is your first step.
  2. Depending on the reason for this prayer, you will want to include either thanking God for her or asking God to give her the strength to get through her difficult time.
  3. This type of prayer is very special since you are praying to God for your wife and not yourself, I make it a point as often as I can to ask God to help others before myself. There are times I do ask God to provide me the strength and wisdom during bad times, but my prayer list focuses on others before myself the majority of the time.
  4. You might find it helpful to make some notes of the main points of your prayer, and this will provide you a guide to include everything you want to share with your wife.
  5. Avoid holding back your thoughts and feelings, so if I was going to write to my wife if I had one it would be to thank God for her in my life. I would include the main reasons I appreciate her, and why I love her with all my heart.
  6. Be sure to include Amen at the end of your prayer, and if you write this from your heart God and your wife will be able to feel it simply by reading your words.

I hope this step-by-step prayer guide is a good resource for you, and you can use this for any type of prayer you wish to write and share with God or anyone else. Starting a prayer journal is a good way to begin writing prayers, you can purchase special journals or a journal from any dollar store.

Prayer Journals

Saying Thank You

Many times we forget to thank our spouse for the things she does for us, so we are taking for granted all she does for us. We really need to remember to thank her as often as we can, you thank others for things they do for you without even thinking I am sure? So start showing your appreciation for your wife more, and remember she is not only your wife but she is your best friend. With my own marriage, we over the years took advantage of one another. Eventually, we started hurting one another because we both were unhappy and hurting. Relationships are precious, but the most precious relationship is a husband and wife.

How To Spoil Your Wife Without Money

I hope with all my heart this has inspired you to be kinder to your spouse, and this not only goes for husbands but also for wives as well. We often take our spouses for granted, and I feel this is one of the main reasons there are so many divorces and single people over fifty today. Like myself, I have stayed single since my ex abandoned me many years ago. So many of us are so afraid of being hurt again we are scared to take the chance to love again, so pray to God to give you the strength to heal and love again.







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