Best Sites To Buy Domain Names

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Before we get started, I want to thank everyone who has supported What Bloggers Are Talking About.  This really means a lot to me being a new website, but I do have years of experience to share with you. Today we are going to be discussing the Best Sites to Buy Domain Names, but as always I have some blogging tips from members of my blogging community I wish to share with you.


best sites to buy domain names


In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released its new rules for Disclosure ComplianceThese rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the blogger is making money by sharing a link or product.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link.

What Bloggers Are Talking About Affiliate Disclosure

What Bloggers Are Talking About?

You will notice I post my affiliate disclosure on every post, and even though you will find the majority of my links are non-affiliated. By law every blogger should post this, so you might wish to consider adding this to your own website as well. Now let us see what bloggers are talking about, I love to share these with you so you can learn from them.

You can learn so much by reading member’s posts, I have learned so much by reading what bloggers are talking about.  That is how I got the idea to provide these for you, so now we will start what this article is actually about.


best sites to buy domain names


What About Domain Extensions?

I have never had a website with any extension other than dot com, you will find people trust you more with this extension.  So you should come up with several possible names you like, and hopefully one of them will be available.

  • Education
  • Research
  • Business
  • Organizations

You will find these are common websites online, so you want to choose the right extension. If you use the incorrect one, you are going to be misleading people about what your site is all about.


Choosing Your Domain Name And Extension

I would suggest you think of some short, easy-to-remember names.  This will provide you returning visitors more than a complicated one, you will find we remember short website URLs the best, so I really am pushing you to come up with the simplest ones you can think of.

  • Dot Com
  • Dot Net
  • Dot Org
  • Dot Co
  • Dot US

You will find these are your best five extensions to consider, but I really do feel having a dot com really is an advantage for a business website or blog.


best sites to buy domain names


How Many Times Have You Done This?

I know myself, I have driven myself crazy not being able to find a website online.  Most of the time, I am using the wrong extension? Out of habit, I will type in the domain name with the dot com. Today there are so many sites using others, I often forget what their URL is? You will receive more visitors returning using the dot com, so I highly suggest you try to come up with several names to get this one if possible.

  • Dot Com is the one that comes to my mind before any others, so how many other people are the same?
  • This extension is thought of when searching for any business online
  • SEO companies actually recommend you go with this for better ranking.

What about the other options you have, so let us find out some more information about them?


The Dot Net Extension

This would be most people’s second choice, and even though this is very common today, I still prefer dot com myself.

  • An alternative to dot com
  • You can use this for any type of business
  • This is a good choice for web-based applications
  • Since this is used less, you have a better chance to get the name you desire
  • You might mislead people using this, and the reason is most people connect this with a technology business.

Before you use this, you should carefully think about your decision. Ask yourself, is my desired name that important to give up the best extension?


Is Dot Org Right For Your Website?

Everyone knows dot org stands for an organization, and many people think of this as a non-profit website.

  • Non-profit
  • Government
  • Political
  • Online communities

For most of you, this would not be a good choice. If you are planning on making money from your website, you would be misleading many of your website visitors.


When To Use Dot Co?

I am seeing more and more websites using this, so what does this actually mean?

  • Company
  • Corporation
  • Commercial business

More and more websites are using this when dot com is not available, so this might be even a better choice than dot net?


Where Did Dot US Come From?

You never used to see this one before, but I am seeing more and more websites using this one now as well.

  • Any website in the United States can use this extension
  • Individual entity
  • Non-profit organization

Next, we are going to look at some things we should consider. This will make it easier for you to choose the right domain name, so let us take a look at these in the next paragraph.


best sites to buy domain names


Choosing Your Domain

I am going to provide you some things to consider, and hopefully, these will be helpful to you.

  • Easy to recognize
  • Short and simple is best
  • Buy your domain name
  • Purchase from a trustworthy domain name registry

Your own website URL provides security to your visitors, you also will be seen as a legitimate business. Now we are ready to go shopping for your domain, and I have a nice list for you to choose from.


Best Domain Name Registries

There is quite a list of legitimate registries online to choose from, I purchase mine from my blogging community. Since chances are very few of you are members, I am going to provide you other resources that are reliable choices.

  • Namecheap
  • Go Daddy
  • Blue Host
  • Dream Host

These are the five I would consider if I was you, I have used Dream Host in the past. You will be able to depend on them, so out of the list, this would be my own personal choice.


Why Are Domain Names So Important?

There are many important reasons to purchase your own domain name, so I have listed some of them below for you.

  • Business branding
  • SEO ranking
  • Trust
  • Professional business
  • Legitimate
  • People friendly

You will find ranking more difficult without a domain name, and the search engines will not take you seriously. For the price, why would you not invest in your own website URL? I am paying $13.95 per year for my websites, but you can find even cheaper prices with Go Daddy and Name Cheap. 


Are You Going To Purchase Your Own Domain?

I would love to know if my article has been helpful to you, so are you going to purchase your own domain? If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment. You will find this is a very low investment, but it does provide you so many important benefits.






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