what is the easiest way to earn money online

What Is The Easiest Way To Earn Money Online

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What is the easiest way to earn money online, you need to know before reading any further there is no easy way. Every opportunity online takes work, so if you are looking for a magic solution to get rich this is not the article for you. Today I am going to assist you with choosing affiliate program networks, so when you are ready let us get started learning?

what is the easiest way to earn money online

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released its new rules for Disclosure ComplianceThese rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the blogger is making money by sharing a link or product.

Feel free to read my affiliate disclosure 

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link.


Thank You For Your Support

Before I begin this article, I wish to thank everyone who has been supporting my website. This does provide me motivation and inspiration, so you are very much appreciated for all the support you have provided me.

what is the easiest way to earn money online

Affiliate Marketing

You are now ready to start researching for affiliate program networks to join, and these are just as important as researching your keywords. If you read my last post on how to research for blogs, you are on your way to experiencing traffic and sales. Now it is time to start choosing the best affiliate programs within your niche, so each of you will be joining different programs depending on the topic of your website.

  • Over ten thousand affiliate programs online
  • Millions of products and services to choose from
  • Anything you can purchase online you can find programs to promote


This information should motivate and inspire you all, you can see the sky is the limit. You can join as many of these as you desire to, so there is only one thing stopping you and that is YOU.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

For anyone who might be new to affiliate marketing, I am going to give you a quick summary of how this works.

  • Research for the best programs to join in your niche
  • The affiliate program will provide you links to insert in your blog posts and on your website
  • Text links and banners are the most common affiliate links provided
  • Anyone who visits your website and clicks on one of your affiliate links will be taken to a specific page, and this all depends on what product or service you are promoting.
  • You can also direct them to the main homepage with most programs, but taking them to a product or service page is the most effective.

So that is the basic idea of how this works, but next, I am going to explain this in even more detail.

How Much Do You Earn?

Every program pays a different commission to their affiliates, you will find this can be from a very low commission of a few % up to a very high commission of 50% and even more.

  • How much commission does the program pay
  • For low-paying commissions, you must sell high-priced products and services to earn a good profit.
  • Amazon pays one of the lowest commissions online, but they provide you with almost every product.
  • Many beginners are limited to programs that will accept them, so that is the reason Amazon can pay you so little compared to other companies.

Once you have six months under your belt, you are able to apply for higher-paying programs. So most beginners have no choice but to accept working for peanuts, but if you take the extra time you can find programs in your niche that will pay more and will accept new bloggers.

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Affiliate Networks

What are affiliate networks, you will find as a beginner network will save you valuable time?  You have access to a large number of companies all in one place,  and the majority of them will accept you despite your lack of experience.

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Awin
  • Share a Sale
  • ClickBank

You will find these networks are the most popular to join, and CJ Affiliate is the largest of them all. ClickBank is primarily only for digital products, you will find out digital products pays much higher commission than physical products. This is something to consider when choosing a network, so these will provide you a good start if you are interested in joining affiliate networks?

Join At Least One Affiliate Network

It is always a good thing to join at least one of these, and even if you don’t need one now. You can have this as a backup, so I suggest you join one network to get started in affiliate marketing.

  • Choose programs that provide products you have trust in
  • Never promote a product or service unrelated to your niche
  • By checking your competitor’s websites you can find possible programs to promote
  • Knowing your desired audience makes choosing programs less complicated
  • Consider the commission plus the price of the product
  • Higher priced products are always worth promoting to earn more income

These are some suggestions to help you start choosing affiliate programs in the network of your choice, so be sure to jot these down or bookmark this article.

What You Will Learn Next?

In the next lesson, you are going to learn about independent affiliate programs. So being a member of a network will provide you resources until then, and you can find many companies that have their own programs you can join. So that is what I am going to teach you in my next article, so until then start shopping for programs in the network of your choice.

Are You Learning From Me?

I would love to hear from you, so how many of you are finding my articles easy to understand? You can leave me a comment to let me know, and again I thank you all for supporting my website.


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