where to place affiliate links in an article

Where To Place Affiliate Links In An Article

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You should have some affiliate programs through networks by now, and the last post was about joining independent programs. Now you are ready to start promoting your products and services, so where to place affiliate links in an article is what you will learn today.

where to place affiliate links in an article

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. Read my affiliate disclosure to learn more.


Affiliate Program Links

Once you joined the programs of your choice, you will receive text links and banner links to promote the products and services. For those of you who are new let us go over the process quickly, I want everyone to understand how this works.

  • I visit your website and start reading your content
  • Then I become interested in some information that you shared in your post
  • I see you have an affiliate link, so I click on it to get more information
  • The link takes me to your merchant’s product or service page
  • I decide this is something I want to purchase, so I buy it from the merchant’s page.
  • Once the sale goes through and the merchant receives the payment, you will receive the approved commission,

Now everyone reading this article should understand the process much better, let us go find your affiliate links to get started promoting your products and services.

How To Find Your Affiliate Links?

The majority of merchants provide you a link to your affiliate account, and here is where you will find all your promotional materials.  As with networks usually, your links will be on the network website, and even though everyone is a little different this is generally how it works.

My Blogging Affiliate Program

I will use my blogging affiliate program as an example, so anyone who happened to join will know how to get started. No matter where you are on the website your affiliate links are close by, you will find them at the top of the page on the right side.

Just look for the $ icon on the right on the top header bar, you will want to click on the icon to be taken to your affiliate menu. Just look for program details, and click on that.

where to place affiliate links in an article

Once you click on program details you will find your affiliate link at the very top of this page, you can’t mistake it just look for This is your Affiliate Link. I am even going to show you below what to look for, so you will make no mistakes when you get on the page.

where to place affiliate links in an article

At the end of any affiliate link you will find your id code, and for my blogging affiliate program just follow the arrow. Every program sets this up the same, so you can always know what your code is with each and every program that you join.

Inserting Your Link In Your Article

You decide the best place to insert a text link in your article to take your visitors to the product or service page, and once you choose the text you will want to highlight it. After you highlight it you will go to your link icon to insert the link, I have inserted a diagram to help you understand this process easier.

where to place affiliate links in an article


Step to the left shows highlighting your desired text, and in this example we highlighted Amazon.com. Then to the right is your second step, and the red arrow shows you the link icon you click on to insert your affiliate link into. To highlight your text you just right-click your mouse button and go over the text you want to be highlighted.

where to place affiliate links in an article

You will just copy and paste your affiliate link as the diagram above shows you, and you are able to type it in instead if you desire to.  Next, click the blue button with the arrow to insert your link. Now your link is now added, I always click on the little star symbol to the right to edit, What I do is set for the page to open in a new tab, you don’t ever want to take your visitors from your website if possible.

Are There Better Places To Insert Your Links?

I rarely insert more than 3 affiliate links in one article, and if you go link crazy it will hurt your ranking. One more thing I rarely if ever use are banners, you will find text links are way more effective than banners to get you sales.

  • Your first link should be within the first few paragraphs, and this works for the eager beaver who wants to check your link and then head off to the next website.
  • My second link I place about the middle of my article, and this is most often in a paragraph providing information about a product or service.
  • The third and last link I place about two paragraphs from the last paragraph, you will find placing any closer to the end of your article will receive very few if any clicks.

I am going to explain in more detail about banners versus text links, so don’t rush off quite yet.

where to place affiliate links in an article

Why Banners Are Less Effective Today?

Think about when you are on a website such as this one, let us pretend my images are banners. You can pretty much tell exactly what you are going to find by clicking on them, so unless someone is really interested they more likely will not be clicking on your banners.

Why Text Links Are Your Bread And Butter?

When you see a text link on my website, for example, you have a little bit of an idea of what you might find.  Curiosity will more likely get to you, and you will just have the urge to see what is hiding behind that text link for sure.

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Text Links Lead To More Sales

When someone clicks on your affiliate link it takes them to a merchant’s page, and even if they don’t purchase that product or service you still can make a sale. Anything they purchase will be credited to you, so if they buy something else you receive credit for that as well.

Amazon And Amazon Alternatives

The next lesson is going to be on Amazon and alternatives to Amazon since these are the best programs for beginners to get their feet wet and start earning from. I am going to write you an article strictly on these, so now might be a good time to sign up for my article notification alerts. You don’t want to fall behind after coming so far from my lessons, and they are going to start to become more intense from now on.


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