how to write a product review template

How To Write A Product Review Template

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It has been four days since my last article, so what have you accomplished since then? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment on what you have been up to? Moving right along, we are going to learn how to write a product review template, so whenever you are ready let’s begin?

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how to write a product review template

Providing Help Over Selling

The first thing to be successful in affiliate marketing is to put your readers first, so when you are writing your blog posts provide as much valuable information as possible.

  • Help people make wise purchasing decisions
  • The more information you provide the more success you will have
  • Avoid at all costs pushing products and services at your readers
  • Your main goal is to gain your reader’s trust

These are your main goals when writing blog posts, and this includes when you are writing product reviews as well.

Creating Your Product Review

Before you jump into writing your review there are some things you need to understand, so we are going to discuss the two types of product reviews you can choose to write next.

Single Product Reviews

This is simply information about any single product or service, and this is the most simple review for beginners.

Multiple Product Reviews

You will be writing about more than one product or service, you can provide information on both separately or compare them to one another for your readers. With this type of review, you will want to go with between three to ten products. I prefer to use three products myself, you might find as I have more than three overloads too much information for many people.

Creating Your Product Review Template

For beginners you will find creating a sort of a template or guide will make this easier for you, and as you get experienced writing these will become natural for you.

  • Rank each of your products on your preferred scale
  • Description of your product or services
  • Positive and Negative of each one
  • How much does each one cost
  • Does the product provide any type of guarantee
  • Specifications of your product
  • Be honest with your readers is the key to gaining trust

This is a basic template or guide bloggers use, but you are not bound to this in any way. In fact, you can be unique as you wish as long as you are providing valuable information to your readers about each product you are reviewing.

Basic Beginners Template Guide

  • 114 Words Minimum
  • 9 Paragraphs
  • 9 Headings

This is a minimum recommendation that bloggers use, you are able to write more words, paragraphs, and headings if you choose.

New Product Reviews

You will find writing reviews on new products in your niche to be the most productive, and the reason is not many people have purchased this product. If you can be one of the first to review new products, you can most often be ranked on the first page of the search engines.

How To Find New Products First?

This might sound like a lot of work, but actually, you can allow Google to do the work for you.  What you want to do is create a Google Alert, and here is the link to go there right now.

how to write a product review template

As the image shows you how to create your alert, you just type in the create alert search box New + Your Niche and then click on the create alert button.

If you are interested in doing reviews on specific products in your niche such as the example basketball shoes, you just type in the product instead of your niche.

Product Review Scams

You can also do reviews on scam alerts to your readers as well, and then you can recommend a legitimate product or service instead. This is another strategy that works for bloggers in every niche, so now you know the basic strategies of writing product reviews.

how to write a product review template

How to Write the Best Product Reviews


I recommend this course for beginners only

This course includes:

  • 32 mins on-demand video
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

If you are new to product reviews, the course can help you with everything you need to get started.

  • If you are a student and want to improve your writing skills, the course can teach you a different type of writing which is not studied in most universities but is constantly growing online.
  • If you are a copywriter, the course will help you improve your own portfolio within the product review niche.
  • Affiliate marketers will learn how to write for the readers.
  • Bloggers will get a structured approach to a type of writing which needs minimal structure and which can improve their expertise as a reviewer and attract more readers.

You will learn how to write a memorable product review that aims to help consumers make informed decisions. How many people can say that about their work?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

how to write a product review template

I am sorry there were no free online courses for writing product reviews, and this is for beginners. If you are not a beginner pass up this course, I don’t want to see you waste your time.

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Never Stop Learning

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