how to monetize your website to make money

How To Monetize Your Website To Make Money

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You learned about Google Adsense last time, and some of you might have already signed up? I don’t want to tell you what to do, so I am leaving that up to you. How to monetize your website to make money is today’s topic, so I am sure you are really starting to become motivated to earn some income?

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. Interested to learn more about affiliate links, you can get more information here?


how to monetize your website to make money


Affiliate Marketing Vs Google Adsense

As you know I chose to use affiliate marketing over Google Adsense, and if you need to be reminded of the main reason I think it makes your site appear spammy.  You can use both of these methods or just one, so the question today is which is going to earn your more money?

If you have chosen good affiliate programs, affiliate marketing can be a very good choice, but either of these methods will fail unless you focus on traffic first.  Writing blogs are your best traffic sources along with social media, so if you are not experiencing high traffic it really is time you make that your main priority?

Surprise Google Is Not Paying You

Did you use the Google Adsense calculator in the last article, and if you did you should have an idea how much you can earn with that program?

Google is not paying you for those ads on your website, but advertisers such as big companies and surprise even affiliate marketers.

They tempt you with this opportunity because you are doing the work for them, and in return, you might earn as much as $1.00 per click on the ads?

how to monetize your website to earn money

Affiliate Marketing

By using affiliate marketing most of you can earn much more than that, you just need to choose the best affiliate programs for beginners. Once you get some experience, you can join up with high-paying programs, so by being patient you are growing your business one blog post at a time.

Your average AdSense earnings if you are lucky is approximately 70 cents per click, so unless you have a lot of clicks really how productive is this going to be for your bank account? This also can turn people against your website, many people don’t like ads when trying to learn on blog sites?

The average earning from affiliate programs once you become established is $20.00 and up, but of course, you will have to learn how by learning from me.

Here Are Your Choices?

  • Both advertising ads with affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing exclusive
  • Advertising exclusive

If you desire to give both of these a try go for it, and you can find out for yourself which method is the best for your niche? I can tell you the majority of bloggers end up only promoting high-paying affiliate programs, and get off of the Google Adsense program.

Test from your own experience is what I recommend if you are not sure, but 7 out of 10 bloggers end up choosing affiliate marketing the majority of the time.

We Learn From Experimenting

There is no better learning method than experimenting with your options and strategies, so don’t fear trying new things if they interest you.  I am providing you affiliate marketing training, so you already know which one has been the most productive for me?

Here is a  little thank you gift for reading my article today, and I really do appreciate everyone who is supporting this website. You have to have faith not only in me, but you also must have faith in yourself to succeed.








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