what is google analytics all about

What Is Google Analytics All About

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What is Google Analytics all about, you are now ready to start receiving information from your website. This free Google tool is going to do that for you, so let us learn more about this free website data tool and how to get started?

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what is google analytics all about

What Google Analytics Is All About?

Simply this is your free ticket to tracking and understanding your website visitors, you can learn what they are interested in. How long they are spending on your website, and just about anything you want and need to know.

Ready To Create Your Account?

All you need to create your free account is a Google account, so if you are joining us in the middle of this training course you might need to create your Google account before you can get started?

The first step is you need a name for your account, you can use a business name, personal name, or anything that works for you. I just want to mention you can have more than one website, so as your business grows you simply add new websites to monitor using this free data tool.

what is google analytics all about

Next, you will need to select your data account sharing. I always select them all, but what you wish to share is totally up to you.

what is google analytics all about

Next, you will want to choose the website option, and the other option is an app if that happens to apply to you instead?

what is google analytics all about

You are now ready for the last step, so now you just add your property that will be your website.

what is google analytics all about

Once you fill out the information above you have completed the process, so just be sure to click on the Create Button.

Now Comes The Fun Part

After you click on the create button, you will be provided a code. You will need to install this code on your website next.

what is google analytics all about

The next step is to copy and paste your code on your website using the  All In One SEO plugin we installed at the beginner of this course.

what is google analytics all about

You are now on the dashboard of your website, and the image above is what you should see. After you click on general settings you will be scroll down the page until you see the image below.

what is google analytics all about

Save your changes and you are all set up for Google Analytics to begin working for you, you will find it can take up to as long as 24 hours for any data to appear in your account.

If you go back to Google Analytics this is what you should see,  and this is normal so you did nothing incorrect.

what is google analytics all about


That competes you Google Analytics set up, now was that not easy by using the All In One SEO plugin?

Installing Google Analytic Code By Hand

If you are not using this plugin as we installed together earlier in this course, you need not worry I am going to guide you on how to do this by hand. This is the old method used when I started in this business, even though it is not the safest method for beginners if you are careful you can accomplish it on your own.

Go to your dashboard to your settings, you will want to click on the editor tab.

Now you are in the editor, so on your left look for the Header PHP tag, and this is where you will install the code.

Right after the <head/> tag before the <body> tag is where to insert your code, so be sure to do this correctly so Google Analytics is able to collect your data. Be sure to update before leaving the editor

Not so difficult to do after all, so that completes the Google Analytics training. We have come a long way in this course, so if you are just joining us you can go back to the beginning of the course to play catch up.

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