what is social media used for in business

What Is Social Media Used For In Business

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We are really moving along with your free online course, so what is social media used for in business is your next step. I am not a really big fan of social media marketing, but it is an important part of my business marketing strategy.

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what is social media used for in business

Social Media Marketing

Welcome to your first class of social media marketing, I am dedicating the next 10 blog posts to teach you the basics.  You will find the big-name companies use this strategy, and if it was not worth your time why would they be using it?

  • Branding
  • Reputation
  • Easy free strategy to become known
  • The best method to reach more people in the shortest amount of time
  • Followers
  • More website visitors
  • Increase in sales

These are only a few of the benefits you can expect,  what you want to do is become an influencer of your niche, and this is the most productive method to accomplish all of these without costing you anything but your time.

What Is Social Media?

These are high potential hotspots online where people hang out, you will find them discussing topics of all types. People naturally love to like and share what they like, so this is a free method to get your blog posts and business to more people.

what is social media used for in business

Social Media Websites With Ads

You are able to pay for advertising on these websites, and this will reach even more people than just promoting on your own page to your followers. Even though I have never used any type of paid advertising, you can use this as a shortcut if it is within your budget?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

I am going to be focusing on the free marketing strategies in this course, but later on, I will teach you about paid advertising in the future. Since you are new to blogging you more likely are not in the position to pay for advertising, and I have been in this business for years and never paid for advertising once.

Never Depend On A Single Source Of Traffic

You are able to use just the search engines for traffic, but you will need to be patient since it will take time to start seeing any substantial income. You can speed things up more than you might imagine, you just need to the social media marketing plan.

These four are your most productive free marketing methods, I don’t use them all and  I don’t recommend you do as well. What I do is test the ones that work the best for my niche, and those are the ones I spend my free time networking on.

what is social media used for in business

Social Media Marketing Benefits

For you to be motivated to add this to your marketing plan, you really need to understand how this will benefit your business. Many people know how to use social media for personal use, but just as many lack the knowledge to use them for business effectively.

  • Effective Branding Strategy
  • Gain Trust with People
  • Show you are a Reputable Business
  • Reach more people
  • Meet Potential Customers
  • Build a Powerful Network of Followers
  • Provide Free Help to your Followers
  • Allow People to Share your Business
  • Increase your Sales
  • Effective Traffic Strategy
  • Increases your Ranking with the Search Engines

You will not be just hanging out on social media, and if you do that will be wasting your valuable time? You got to have a plan, and that is what the next 10 lessons are going to be focusing on.

Social Media Marketing Tips

I am going to share just a few tips to give you a better idea of what you are going to learn, and I hope this encourages you to bookmark my website in your browser?  Sign up for my automatic notifications or follow my blog posts, you always might want to follow me on social media to see how it is done for real?

I suggest you join all of these for the future lessons coming up, but once you find the ones that are the most productive that is where you want to be spending your time. There are only so many hours per day, and the average person just is not able to be active in all of these.

So what we will be doing is putting my free strategies into action on each of these, and once we find the ones that are the most productive those are the ones we will be focusing the most on.

Are You Ready To Start Being Social?

This is a big step for your business success, you will find every successful business on at the least some of these websites. So until my next article, you have some homework to do, but if you are not ready to be social quite yet bookmark my website on your browser.






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