how to promote a website on social media

How To Promote A Website On Social Media

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Many of you are pros at socializing online, you have Facebook accounts more likely. You have a huge list of family and friends, but do you know how to promote a website on social media? That is what you are going to learn today, so if you are frustrated this will get you started on the right track?

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how to promote a website on social media

What Is Your Main Website Goal?

I can almost bet most of you are thinking to make money, but that is the reward you receive. You want to make your main goal to engage your readers, and when you do this right, they will come back again and again.

  • The more social resources you have the better
  • Allow your followers to spread the word of your website
  • Natural and free traffic strategy
  • Ultimately will lead to more income

By focusing on engaging with your website visitors the above things are going to happen for you naturally, and it is not as difficult as many people make it out to be?

Do You Have Social Share Buttons?

I have been sharing your posts when I receive word from, so anyone who has liked, shared, or commented has been shared on my social pages as well.

Some of you are lacking social share buttons, and without these, you are losing social media traffic. I recommend you add a social media plugin as soon as you have the time, another advantage is you can post your own blog posts right after you publish them from your own website.

This is not only a time-saver,  but an important part of social media marketing, so if you are one without these buttons add them as quickly as you can.

how to promote a website on social media

Encourage Comments

LIkes, shares, and comments are important for your ranking on the search engines, alone they make little difference, but when you are receiving all of these they can boost your rank more than you might imagine?

how to promote a website on social media

Do you have a comments section at the end of your blog posts, so if you don’t you absolutely need to add one as soon as you can?  Very few people do leave comments, so these can create a huge impact on your ranking if you can encourage your readers to comment?

WordPress will send you an email every time someone comments on your website, so respond to that comment within 24 hours whenever possible.

If you notice I remind you to leave me a comment in my posts, and even though I am not receiving many comments this is a good habit to get into?

If this article has been helpful or you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment, I love to hear from my readers. Any questions, please leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

This is a good example if you wish to use this, you have my permission to copy and paste it in every one of your blog posts.

How Comments Boost Your Ranking?

The search engines rank your blog posts by how popular they are with your readers, so if you are able to get more comments this can put you one ranking higher than you would be otherwise.

When you combine your social media likes, shares, mentions, and comments along with your website traffic and comments you have a winning strategy.

Is it easy to get people to comment, absolutely not? Many are in too big of a hurry to get to their next website, and many just don’t think about commenting that is why a reminder is a good strategy.

Comment Strategy

I always make it a point to comment on any website that leaves me a comment, and you should be doing the same.  You also should be returning any social media engagement from your followers, this alone can become a very effective strategy for you and your followers.

Team up with other bloggers in your niche, so getting together with other bloggers in your niche to comment on each other’s websites is a proven strategy.

Join groups or better yet start your own group online, what better way to get comments and regular engagement on your posts than through a group or your own group?

Social Media Strategy That Works?

I have been for years promoting my websites through social media, I have never paid for advertising since starting this business. Sure it is time-consuming at first, but once you come up with a good plan it operates very smoothly.

  • 15-20 minutes tops on any social media website
  • Choose one social media website for each day instead of all of them every day works better for me.
  • Follow people who are in the same niche as you are
  • Like, share, retweet, mention, and comment regularly
  • Post your blog posts as you publish them from your website
  • Post freebies such as coupons, online courses, e-books, and even tips for your niche


Avoid the mistake of selling on social media, but instead, share your blog posts and support your followers. You will find with a little time of being dedicated to this strategy everything will fall in place, you have to get people to know and like you before they are ever going to buy from you.




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