we know a thing (or two) about all-American style.
We started out in 1946, as a small general-merchandise purveyor in Beverly, MA, carrying classic clothing and gifts for women, men and children. And yes, the legendary New England-born pioneer Johnny Appleseed inspired our name.
Famous for single-handedly planting apple trees across the American mid-west, Johnny Appleseed’s diligence and can-do spirit yielded vast orchards and reflected our ideals of personal service, integrity, and honest work.
Over the years we branched out from that single store and black-and-white catalog to focus on classic American clothing for women of all sizes and body types.
Self-expression & life experience
Today, our catalog and thriving e-commerce businesses are part of the larger Orchard Brands family, dedicated to making life more comfortable, colorful, and convenient for those who celebrate the experience and embrace the joys of wisdom.
By blending timeless tailoring with modern fabrics we deliver classic styles with greater comfort and ease. It’s a way of dressing that’s always appropriate, always polished, always Appleseed’s.
A feminine ruffle, an unexpected print, and charming special touches
Don’t you love the positive power of a great outfit–how it makes your confidence soar and lifts your spirits? We do too! That’s why we fuss over the details, finesse the fit, and take note of the trends, adding a personal twist.
Menswear staples like houndstooth, windowpane, tartans, paisleys, gingham checks, and (our favorite) stripes, mingle with feminine florals and artful patterns.
For us it’s personal, we’re are a team of women, designing for women. Our fit models reflect real-life sizes, ensuring our in-house designers create clothes that fit comfortably and look great on a wide range of body types.

Think of us as your style-savvy friend

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