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1,879,762 ebooks

You can read our ebooks online, or download them to a vast array of devices, using our Ebook Reader apps.

Privately held and run by its founders, life-long booksellers Stephen and Trudy Cole. It is the only independent ebook retailer that sells into every country in the world, including Antarctica and the International Space Station.

In addition to our popular ebook-store, we provide services to book publishersDigital Comps is a system that enables publishers to send secure ebooks to reviewers and instructors, called “complementary copies”. Ebook Engine is a system that enables publishers to sell ebooks direct to consumers from their own websites. And publishers use our Ebook Collections platform to sell collections of their ebooks direct to institutions.

We maintain license agreements covering the output of over 4,000 publishers. Our publisher partners include all the major English language trade, professional and scholarly presses.

The company hosts 1.7 million professionally published ebooks, including popular trade titles, and professional, educational, and scholarly texts. We hold them in the form of PDFs and EPUB files.

Publishers upload 25,000 ebooks to us every month. Our production unit has been enhanced and modified steadily since March 2000 and has evolved along with the industry. It deals elegantly with all the complexities thrown up by an evolving sector, including faulty files and metadata supplied by publishers.

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